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Cost effective netFlow network traffic monitoring

Assuralia is the professional association representing the vast majority of insurance companies operating on the Belgian market. The company has switched to Flowmon enriched flow data capabilities to spot legacy IT and to monitor the response times of the critical servers. Now, Assuralia can confidently resolve network and application related issues and provide IT services up to standard.


  • Lack of insight in the network
  • Limited resources
  • Lack of application aware monitoring

Key Benefits

  • All-in-one platform
  • Easy to deploy & virtualized solution
  • Provides the required insights in minutes
  • Great customer support
  • Cost effective solution

Deployed products

  • Flowmon Collector (Virtual)


Assuralia was seeking a tool that gives insight in what kind of applications are running over the network and reports on consumed bandwidth. Control over the response times of the network and servers was also of crucial importance since the smooth run of Assuralia’s IT services is an absolute must. The latter allows to point directly to eventual bandwidth issues or server configurations, preventing the need to do complicated troubleshooting.


Assuralia has chosen Flowmon for its capability to generate flow data containing not only information from layer 3 and layer 4, but also from layer 7 and related network response times and server response times. The performance of mail servers, web servers, SharePoint servers can be represented on the dashboard in a way that excess response times are immediately spotted because they turn red. Correlation with load or a specific application can be made directly. In addition, an alert is generated. This provides a proactive approach in handling issues. Shortly after the deployment, Assuralia figured out that the response time of the mail server was much higher than expected and could remediate the issue quickly.

"Flowmon's Network Monitoring Tool gives great detailed insight in the traffic of Assuralia in cost effective way. The implemented virtual flow collector has the capability to capture the real traffic so that meta-data flows can be created that include network and server response times. This allowed Assuralia to spot server response times that were out of shape and to put the corrective actions in place."

Dirk Ruys
ICT Manager

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