Step by step Implementation Process

Get detailed insight in how the process of implementing Flowmon looks like.

Defining system outputs

Together we will plan what data outputs you require, such as inputs for capacity planning, systems availability or network anomalies. This helps us to understand how to deploy Flowmon, what reports and dashboards to set and what are your business expectations.

Deployment design

With our partners and system integrators, we have created a simple questionnaire composed of six questions to get the necessary information about your network infrastructure. Based on this we can create a deployment design.


Our proven methods, expertise and a sizing calculator ensure the final sizing matches your expectations and business needs. All we need to know is the estimated size of your traffic and required data retention.

Proof of concept (PoC)

We are very keen to demonstrate Flowmon's value via a PoC project. It rarely takes over one hour to deploy Flowmon and start monitoring the demanded part of your network. Once the testing is finished, virtual or cloud appliances can be configured remotely.

PoC evaluation

Our partners offer a Network Traffic Analysis service, providing an extensive report of measured anomalies and problems found in the monitored network. Both technical and business reports are available to give the necessary decision making inputs to stakeholders.

Project planning

In this stage we will agree on details such as whether Flowmon will use 3rd party devices already existing in your network or Flowmon Probes, whether the deployment will be HW, VA or Cloud and whether you prefer subscription over perpetual licensing. On-demand we will create a full project design including the scope, technical description, sizing, deployment design and commercial matters. We will supply a list of deployment requirements beforehand so you will know what to expect.

Production deployment and tuning

This step includes the final configuration, system tuning, testing of reports and eventual integration to 3rd party systems.

Vendor status and quality check

Flowmon Networks offers a Status & Quality Check Service to ensure that customers receive the maximum value from the Flowmon solution. The service includes one day on-site or the online engagement of a Flowmon Engineer who will check the proper operation and tune up the Flowmon solution.

Training of system users

Gaining practical skills and tips for working with Flowmon is the goal of comprehensive training for system users. Training is available via on-site sessions at our Certified Training Centres or via online courses.

Support and maintenance

Thanks to Gold Support you get automated access to upgrades, fast system support and extended hardware warranty with Next Business Day on-site hardware repair. Platinum Support extends Gold Support with 24/7 on-call support, 4 hour mission-critical on-site support and other services.


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