ICS Anomaly Detection Module for Flowmon ADS

The result "ICS Anomaly Detection Module for Flowmon ADS" implements and integrates two detection methods specifically designed for anomaly detection in industrial control system environments. These methods are referred to as OTCLANOM (cluster-based detection) and OTSMANOM (statistics-based detection). With this module integrated into the Flowmon ADS product, it is possible to detect anomalies specific to ICS/SCADA networks targeting the powerand energy distribution environment. Specifically, the following ICS/SCADA protocols are supported: for the OTCLANOM method - MODBUS, DNP3, IEC104, GOOSE (IEC61850) and for the OTSMANOM method - IEC104 andGOOSE (IEC 61850).

Type: R - Software

Keywords: Smart Grid; Industrial Control Systems; Network Monitoring; Threat Detection; CyberSecurity; Traffic Profiling; MODBUS; DNP3; IEC104; GOOSE

Licence: Licensor (Flowmon Networks a.s.) requests a license fee.