Distributed system for complex monitoring of high-speed networks

The aim of the Project is the distributed system for monitoring of 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet networks, consisting of measurement probes with hardware-accelerated functions and software for collecting data from the probes, its centralized storage, visualization and evaluation. Hardware-accelerated data acquisition will be realized by custom FPGA-based board, which will allow the use of firmware equipped with specialized monitoring functions. The design and realization of these functions for 100 Gb/s throughput is a non-trivial research goal. The collected data will be sent by the exporter in the IPFIX protocol to the central collector. Compared to the Netflow protocol, IPFIX allows to export more detailed information about the flows (ie. information from the HTTP and DNS protocols). The system will use this possibility to improve the quality of monitoring. Central collector will store data from the measurement probes, while the amount of data imposes requirements on finding of the new high-speed way of storage. It will be possible to display the stored data in the well arranged user interface, and there will also be the possibility of fast data access for the additional processing. The whole system will be configured via the NETCONF protocol, which was designed just for the configuration of the network devices.