Flowmon Mobile Dashboard Into Your Pocket

Meet Flowmon Mobile Dashboard! Try out our new app for iOS and Android platforms. Installing and launching the app to a smartphone or tablet, you are connected to your Flowmon appliance instantly. You can easily browse widgets and swipe among your individual dashboard panels to see, what's happening in your network anytime. Follow just three steps to use the app.

Google Play App Store Login Form Flowmon Mobile Dashboard

1. Install the App

Flowmon Mobile Dashboard is available in your AppStore or Google Play. Find it in your app store and follow installation instructions. 

2. Connect to your Flowmon appliance

Set address of your Flowmon device, login and password. If you don't have deployed your Flowmon yet, you can try Flowmon Mobile Dashboard connected to online demo appliance. Fill the form with demo credentials: address: flowmon.invea.com, login: demo, password: demo

3. Enjoy browsing!