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Progress® Flowmon® Network Detection and Response (NDR) is the first line of defense, integrating AI and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to reduce noise, automatically prioritize tasks and helps you minimize data breaches.

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Detect ransomware, expose insider threats, respond immediately

  • Real-time network behavior analysis and enterprise-grade anomaly detection system
  • 40+ detection methods and 200+ algorithms to detect data breaches at any stage
  • Detection of rogues, insider threats, zero-day exploits, ransomware, and targeted attacks
  • Reinforce your security matrix via integration with log management, SIEM, SDN, incident response, etc.
  • Comprehensive visibility across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environment at scale
  • Combining AI capable of tracking unknown threats with signature-based intrusion detection and threat intelligence for known attackers and malware

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Technical features

Ransomware detection

Flowmon picks up signs of malicious activity in the network and informs you about the adversary’s every step. Each detected event corresponds to a MITRE ATT&CK® tactic or technique to give you an unambiguous awareness of the attack severity, scope, and future development.

Reduce attack surface

A diversity of techniques covers more scenarios. The solution leverages over 40 methods and 200+ algorithms including machine learning, behavior analysis, community threat intelligence, IoCs, or reputation databases with automated packet analysis available on-demand. All these techniques are employed simultaneously, to bring the most reliable network-centric threat detection in on-premise, edge, or cloud environments, encrypted or not.

Eliminate blind spots

Tackling zero-day threats requires a pluralist approach, like the SOC Visibility Triad, where each solution makes up for the downsides of the others. Flowmon constitutes the network pillar of the triad by its ability to detect malware activities in their infancy and streamline threat detection and response.

Zero noise

You do not have to slog through scores of false positives; the solution’s AI-powered engine will distinguish between an anomaly and normal traffic and only alert you when a real danger occurs. Detected security events are ranked by severity and provide built-in expertise to enhance your situational awareness and speed up triage and response.

Integrated Intrusion Detection

Integrating signature-based IDS into our platform extends its reach beyond external threats, while enhancing network-wide security and insider threat detection. This synergy supports response targeting, which reduces disruptions to unaffected systems and users. As a result, Flowmon helps balance operational efficiency, while aiding security efforts.

Integrated NDR and IDS: Beyond Traditional Perimeter Defense

Traditionally, IDS focus on perimeter defenses and external threats. Our integrated NDR and IDS solution extends this protection to encompass the entire network, including east-west traffic and cloud environments. This approach not only enhances the detection of known malware, CVEs and compliance monitoring across network traffic but also helps address insider threats and amplify security coverage.

Flowmon NDR + IDS engine Traditional IDS
Typical deployment Network-wide Yes
Signature-based detection of known threats Yes Yes
External attacks Yes No
Insider threats Yes No
East-west coverage Yes No
AI detection of unknown threats Yes No
Threat intelligence Yes No
Cloud support Yes No

Off-the-shelf integration

Integrate the solution with other tools and get the most out of your security matrix. You may use the system to trigger automatic selective blocking with an inline solution or feed the detected events into a SIEM and greatly improve its analytical capability by feeding it noiseless inputs from the network.

Expose unknown threats before they become a problem

Flowmon tackles anomalies that traditional solutions miss.

Attack evidence and analysis

Understand every suspicious event in its complexity and take decisive action without delay.

Automated attack recording

Trigger full packet capture upon event detection. The rolling memory buffer ensures no data is lost.

Seamless SIEM integration

Report detected events via integration with SIEM systems, surveillance, and incident handling systems.

Custom methods

Create your own custom methods and red-flag malicious or unwanted traffic specific to your environment or policies.

AI-based detection

Leverage a state-of-the-art detection engine that uses entropy modeling and machine learning to detect suspicious anomalies in your network traffic.

Threat intelligence

Enhance your detection capabilities with a combination of commercial and community threat intelligence feeds and stay briefed on the latest indicators of compromise.

Security and flow data resource library

Why not check out these resources to help you get started with a flow based security solution for your environment.

"After three months of intensive testing we were able to prove that Flowmon was the right product due to its performance, anomaly detection capabilities, scalability in GÉANT and its simplicity when managing and configuring."
Wayne Routly
Head of Information & Infrastructure Security

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