Flowmon NDR A scalable ExtraHop alternative for a fraction of the price

Flowmon offers deep network insights and mature network detection and response capabilities while remaining highly scalable and cost-efficient.

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Monitor network performance, expose threats, respond immediately

  • Leverage advanced detection and response capabilities at a low cost.
  • Scale up easily with futureproof technology for hybrid and multi-Gbps enterprise environments.
  • Reinforce your security matrix via integration with log management, SIEM, SDN & incident response.
  • Eliminate visibility blind spots by providing your network and security teams with a unified source of truth.

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NetOps functionality

Insights for effective network troubleshooting.


Zero-day threat detection

Leverages behavior analysis for signatureless threat detection.


Reasonable pricing

Cost-effective pricing plans that scale with your business.


Simple deployment and licensing

All functionalities are delivered and managed via one appliance.


Scalable technology

Network telemetry supported by on-demand packet analysis.



Threat detection is carried out by your appliance (no cloud processing) and without decryption.

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Flowmon technical features

Instant threat detection

Flowmon features over 40 detection methods and more than 200 algorithms to pick up subtle changes in network traffic and expose the malicious activity of unknown and insider threats operating in the network including encrypted traffic. In addition to signatureless detection, it leverages the signature-based Suricata IDS and MISP threat intelligence feeds.

Respectful of your privacy

Flowmon does not rely on decryption to extract relevant insights. Instead, it uses non-invasive Encrypted Traffic Analysis, which is an efficient approach to detecting compromise as well as ensuring cryptographic compliance by analyzing network metadata. No data from your network goes for further processing to the cloud.

Future-proof technology

Besides low scalability, proprietary packet-based technology faces additional challenges with traffic encryption and hybrid deployments. Flowmon is flow-based (NetFlow/IPFIX) and thus perfectly suited to overcome these issues with zero impediment and deliver future-proof, cross-environment security that scales easily while remaining cost-efficient.

Expose unknown threats quickly and efficiently

Scalability, versatility and performance in one network tool.

Maximize investment

Flowmon encourages you to utilize existing network components and is up to 500 times more scalable than packet analysis.

Solution ready in minutes

Get data on the dashboards within 30 minutes of deployment. No tedious configuration.

Top-rated support

Word-class 24/7 support with 5/5 ranking on Gartner Peer Insights.

"After three months of intensive testing we were able to prove that Flowmon was the right product due to its performance, anomaly detection capabilities, scalability in GÉANT and its simplicity when managing and configuring."
Wayne Routly
Head of Information & Infrastructure Security

Security and flow data resource library

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