Success Stories / Case Studies


3S Telecommunications

3S is a leading provider of wholesale connectivity (IP transit), VPN and cloud computing services in Poland with more than 1 300 customers from the business sector. The company operates its own optical fiber network with the length of 2 700 km as well as the largest data center in Southern Poland.


Aegon Enterprise

Syndicate AEGON is one of the biggest financial groups in the world, which offers life insurance, retirement insurance and investment products. The roots of the company date back to 1759. Since the time it has been continuously developing and now it has more than 30.000 employees all over the world.

AT Computers

 AT Computers ICT Services

AT Computers a. s. is one of the largest IT distributors in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.The main purpose of AT Computers is to make work in selling goods and services in the ICT sector as easy as possible.


AVE Energy and Utility

AVE CZ company is a subsidiary of Austrian AVE group that is one of the top companies in waste management in Central and Eastern Europe. AVE CZ is third biggest company on this market in the Czech Republic. It serves around 1.500.000 citizens and employs 1300 employees.

Bonatrans Group

Bonatrans Group Engineering

Bonatrans is a multinational company with a dominant position in the domestic market with more than 1000 employees. The company was looking for a solution to monitor and manage remote locations without a physical presence.

Dimension Data

Dimension Data ICT Services

Dimension Data is a provider of ICT services and solutions that uses its technology expertise, the ability to provide services on a global scale, and its entrepreneurial spirit to accelerate business ambitions of its clients. Dimension Data is a part of the NTT Group.


CD-Telematika Telecommunications

ČD Telematika is an important provider of wholesale internet, data and voice services, and a leading supplier of fibre-optic infrastructure management, maintenance and construction services in the Czech Republic.


Cepro Energy & Utility

"The priority of our company was to ensure compliance with the requirements of the critical information infrastructure from the perspective of the law on cyber security and in compliance,” says Head of IT of Cepro, the company that guarantees the transport, storage and sale of petroleum products.


Cyso Telecommunications/ISP

Cyso is a leading Dutch provider of managed internet services, platforms and infrastructure for the corporate market.

DM Drogerie Markt

DM Drogerie Markt Retail

DM Drogerie Markt Slovakia is part of the international retail company DM Drogerie Markt which is the one of the leading retailers of drugstores in Central and Eastern Europe.


GÉANT Telecommunications

GÉANT is the leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education. GÉANT remains the most advanced and well-connected research and education network in the world.


UPC Telecommunications

UPC Czech republic, a subsidiary of Liberty Global, Inc. is the largest Czech provider of television services and broadband high-speed internet. Its cable network reaches 1.35 millions of homes in 370 locations across the country.


GÉANT Telecommunications

GÉANT is the leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education. GÉANT remains the most advanced and well-connected research and education network in the world.

Haga Hospital

 Haga Hospital Healthcare

With three locations, two outpatient clinics, 3,600 employees and 275 medical specialists, Haga Hospital belongs amongst the largest general hospitals in The Netherlands.

Kia Motors Slovakia

Kia Motors Slovakia Automotive

If you are running a manufacturing plant producing hundreds of thousands of cars every year, network outages and security breaches are not an option. This is why KIA's European plan has chosen Flowmon.


itWorks ICT Services

ItWorks supports customers in IT and business sectors for 14 years. The company provides IT outsourcing services – comprehensively or selectively – for company owners which want to outsource management of their IT area in order to devote time and resources to the development of their core business.


Kofola Enterprise

Kofola is one of the most important producers of nonalcoholic beverages in Europe, with seven production plants in four markets across the region.

Masaryk University

Masaryk University Education and Research

Masaryk University is the second-largest university in the Czech Republic and the leading higher education institution in Moravia. It is also recognized as one of the most important teaching and research institutions in Central Europe.

MVV Energie CZ

 MVV Energie CZ Energy and Utility

MVV Energie CZ is dynamically growing energy group consisting of fifteen subsidiaries in fifteen different cities around the Czech Republic. The company focuses on the production and distribution of heat, electricity and water.

O2 IT Services

O2 IT Services Information Technology / MSSP

O2 IT Services (a member of the O2 group of the Czech Republic) is an expert in the area of information technology and their services cover the entire IT lifecycle. Part of the offered services is IT security which targets customers in the commercial market as well as internally within the O2 Group.


NAFTA Energy & Utility

NAFTA has an extensive experience in storage areas and building underground gas storage facilities. The managed storage capacity of underground gas storage facilities currently represents 2.6 billion cubic meters. Flowmon has brought to NAFTA the detection and alerting of network traffic anomalies for operational and security reasons.

Occupational Health Insurance Company

 Occupational Health Insurance Company Healthcare

The Occupational Health Insurance Company for Employees of the Banking, Insurance and Building Industry (OZP) is the second largest employee health insurance company in the Czech Republic. OZP implemented Flowmon APM solution to improve availability and reliability of its critical applications.

Orange Polska

Orange Polska Telecommunications

Orange Polska is a member of the international group France Telecom and one of the largest telecommunication operators in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

Olomouc Region

Olomouc Region Government

Olomouc Region is a regional authority that performs tasks within the scope imposed by law, takes care of overall development of the area and the needs of its citizens in the Olomouc region.

Pharma Mall GmbH

Pharma Mall GmbH Healthcare

Pharma Mall is a large pharmaceutical trading platform. It is an integration electronic hub initiated by a joint venture of the pharmaceutical companies interconnecting their ERP systems with those of their customers and ensuring availability of IT services.


PASNET Telecommunications

Prague Academic Computer Network PASNET is a high-speed metropolitan network intended for the transmission of general digital data operated by PASNET Association.


Raiffeisenbank Financial Services

Raiffeisenbank is one of the largest and most important banks on the Czech market. It offers a wide range of services both in the area of personal finance and corporate finance.


 SEGA Enterprise

SEGA is one of the leading interactive entertainment companies of the world. It is known for the multi-million selling game franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog or Total War series.


RoutIT Telecommunications

RoutIT provides wide range of internet and cloud services such as virtual private servers, internet connectivity, virtual private networks, VoIP services, mobile services and security solutions. Its activities are well known in Netherlands as a large player in a field of ICT services providers for SME. E-commerce is the most visited Czech Internet portal, its homepage is daily visited by over 2.5 million users. services as full-text search engine, catalogue of companies, mailbox or the news are routine part of Czech Internet users.

Silesian University

Silesian University Education and Research

The Silesian University in Opava was established in 1991. From that time the university has grown and nowadays consists of three faculties, Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karvina, Faculty of Public Policy in Opava and Institute of Mathematics.

SGS Spain

SGS Spain Enterprise

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. With more than 3,900 employees, it operates a network of more than 125 offices, laboratories and ITV around Spain.


SITMP Telecommunications

ICT administration of city Pilsen provides comprehensive services in the field of information technology for organizations established by the city. SITMP maintains an extensive metropolitan data network comprising 150km of optical lines and provides connectivity to approximately 100 organizations.

Slovenská Sporiteľňa

Slovenská Sporiteľňa Financial services

Slovenská Sporiteľňa is the leading savings bank in Slovakia with 2,4 milion clients and more than four thousand employees. The bank operates 292 branches, 17 corporate centres and infrastructure including 100+ independent LAN networks and two data centers.

The City of Oswiecim

The City of Oswiecim Government

With almost 150 employees, the municipality of the City of Oswiecim provides public services to more than 40 thousand citizens. Learn more about the Flowmon solution deployment which has brought the City Office a complete insight into its network and advanced detection of cyber threats.

Thomayer Hospital

 Thomayer Hospital Healthcare

Thomayer Hospital is modern clinical center, which provides high-level specialized medicine and background for professionals from many medical fields. Expert assistance especially focuses on pediatric, traumatology, oncology, pulmonology, neurology and many others.

Trade Fairs Brno

Trade Fairs Brno Commerce

Trade Fairs Brno is the leading brand in trade fairs and exhibitions in Central Europe. The main scope of activity is the organizing of trade fairs and exhibitions.

Uniserver Internet

Uniserver Internet Internet Service Provider

Uniserver Internet is a leading cloud hosting provider on the Dutch market. It has over 8 000 customers and runs datacentres in Amsterdam and Maastricht Airport. Its staff consists of carefully selected specialist responsible for more than thousand successfully delivered cloud projects.



VEOLIA VODA CZECH REPUBLIC is a leading provider in the Czech water management market which supplies 3.7 million inhabitants of the Czech Republic through its subsidiaries.