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3S Telecommunications

3S uses Flowmon for traffic engineering, peering optimization, accounting and billing. Its administrators appreciates Flowmon’s intuitive user interface, performance and professional technical support. 3S is a leading provider of wholesale connectivity, VPN and cloud computing services in Poland.


Aegon Enterprise

Syndicate AEGON, one of the biggest financial groups in the world offering life insurance, retirement insurance and investment products, deployed Flowmon and fulfilled not only the security legislative requirements for network monitoring, but also has markedly accelerated the administration of their network. 

Amstelland Hospital

Amstelland Hospital Healthcare

Flowmon solution helps Amstelland hospital with insight into the formerly ‘black box’ network. Network traffic visibility tremendously accelerates network troubleshooting and helps to detect malicious behavior and stay in compliance with Dutch law on data leakage. Amstelland Hospital is a hospital in the Netherlands employing over 80...

Aspire Technology Solutions

Aspire Technology Solutions Managed Services Provider

“Flowmon has completely transformed the way we deal with DDoS attacks." Learn more about the Flowmon DDoS Defender deployment for Aspire, an award-winning managed services company specialising in hosted services, data centre solutions, communications and IT support.

AT Computers

 AT Computers ICT Services

Besides network traffic visibility and anomaly detection, AT Computers uses Flowmon to analyze performance, measure user experience and troubleshoot business critical web applications. AT Computers is one of the largest IT distributors in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.


AVE Energy and Utility

AVE CZ is a subsidiary of the Austrian AVE group, one of the top companies in waste management in Central and Eastern Europe. Flowmon helps AVE to optimize traffic and discover errors in the network. Consequently, AVE significantly reduces the load of their internal network as well as the entire MPLS network, saving thousands of € each month.

Bonatrans Group

Bonatrans Group Engineering

Flowmon helps Bonatrans to gain visibility into network traffic for both the HQ and branches in Asia. The customer especially appreciates the simplicity of the solution deployment, performance and its detection capabilities of unwanted and malicious traffic. Bonatrans is a multinational developer and manufacturer of wheelset systems.

Bornego College

Bornego College Education and Research

A data-rich environment, multiple access points, culture of open sharing of information. All of this makes universities and high-schools an extremely vulnerable environment for breaches. Learn how Flowmon, deployed in cloud, helps admins of Bornego College.

Dimension Data

Dimension Data ICT Services

"Flowmon offers new innovative solution ensuring a stable and secure network. We have implemented the solution at a number of customers in the commercial sector, government, ISP & telco, and we have very positive feedback," Zbyszek Lugsch, member of the Board of Dimension Data - global provider of ICT services and solutions.


CD-Telematika Telecommunications

The Flowmon solution helps with real-time network monitoring, the fulfilment of the Data Retention Directive and automatic detection of network security threats and attacks at ČD Telematika, one of the most significant provider of telecommunication services and ICT solutions in the Czech Republic.


Cepro Energy & Utility

Čepro guarantees the transport, storage and sale of petroleum products. "The priority of our company was to ensure compliance with the requirements of the critical information infrastructure from the perspective of the law on cyber security and in compliance,” says the Head of IT at Čepro.


Cyso Telecommunications/ISP

Flowmon solution helps Cyso to overcome challenges, such as quick DDoS attack detection with automatic mitigation using both on premise and out of path scrubbing centers, anomaly detection and defense strategy orchestration. Cyso is a leading Dutch provider of managed internet services, platforms and infrastructure for the corporate market.

DM Drogerie Markt

DM Drogerie Markt Retail

"Thanks to Flowmon ADS performing behavioral analysis automatically we are be able to gain complete insight into network traffic revealing problems and attacks in real-time enabling us to react on these problems effectively.", says DM Drogerie Markt Slovakia, leading retailer of drugstores in Central and Eastern Europe.


GÉANT Telecommunications

Over three months of intensive testing, GÉANT evaluated more than a dozen network visibility and security solutions. The Flowmon solution came up trumps, proving its unmatched performance, ability to scale, and detection capabilities. GÉANT is pan-European NREN connecting over 50 million users at 10,000 institutions across Europe.


UPC Telecommunications

UPC Czech Republic uses Flowmon to fulfill data retention and lawful interception legislation and appreciates the vendor ability to turn feature request into product functionality. UPC Czech Republic is the largest Czech provider of television services and broadband high-speed internet.

GÉANT DDoS Defender Story

GÉANT DDoS Defender Story Telecommunications

GÉANT and Flowmon are helping research and education organisations across Europe to defend against DDoS attacks. GÉANT is a fundamental element of Europe’s e-infrastructure, delivering the pan-European network for scientific excellence, research, education and innovation.


Geco Distribution and Retail

Geco is the biggest distributor and seller of tobacco and lottery products in the Czech Republic with a history spanning more than 25 years. Thanks to visibility into network traffic they can respond quickly to user behavior and security threats, both in the internal network and in other internet-enabled networks.

Haga Hospital

 Haga Hospital Healthcare

With three locations, two outpatient clinics, 3,600 employees and 275 medical specialists, Haga Hospital is one of the largest general hospitals in the Netherlands. Flowmon provides customer with greater insight into network traffic and ability to protect their business critical applications.

FRS of the South Bohemian Region

FRS of the South Bohemian Region Government

"Security analysis has shown us that the presence of antivirus sof tware and a firewall on the perimeter network is insufficient ," says Jakub Mauric, a worker of ICT at Fire Rescue Service of the South Bohemian Region.

South Moravian Region

South Moravian Region Government

Flowmon solution deployed in Cyber Operation Center of the South Moravian Region provides complete visibility and overview of cybersecurity of the entire region and subordinate organizations. Thanks to the Flowmon solution ensuring the security for the organizations is easier and more accessible.

Kia Motors Slovakia

Kia Motors Slovakia Automotive

“Our priority was to improve the visibility of our infrastructure, as in our manufacturing segment network outages automatically lead to financial losses. So we decided that besides the tools such as Cisco Prime we would invest in a flow data monitoring solution with extensive analytical capabilities.”


itWorks ICT Services

“The biggest benefit of the implementation is the ability to provide quick and reliable information about networking events. Flowmon is an extremely valuable tool to automate the process of monitoring our own data center infrastructure as well as client systems.” ItWorks is a large IT outsourcing service provider in Poland.


Kofola Enterprise

Flowmon helps Kofola to overcome the challenge of monitoring, troubleshooting and anomaly detection in a large computer network with thousands of hosts, 100+ independent LANs and two datacenters in Europe. Kofola is one of the most important producers of non-alcoholic beverages in Europe.

Masaryk University

Masaryk University Education and Research

Masaryk University is the second largest university in the Czech Republic and the leading higher education institution in Moravia. MU has an extensive infrastructure with 9 faculties, institutes and a campus located over the whole city of Brno. Flowmon helps with monitoring the infrastructure for routine operation of the university CSIRT.

MVV Energie CZ

 MVV Energie CZ Energy and Utility

MVV appreciates Flowmon’s focus on both operation and security aspects of network monitoring and ability to keep up with new security trends and challenges. MVV Energie CZ is a dynamically growing energy group consisting of fifteen subsidiaries around the Czech Republic.

O2 IT Services

O2 IT Services Information Technology / MSSP

O2 IT Services chose the Flowmon solution due to its advanced detection capabilities to enhance internal network security and also to integrate it with their own security solution offered to their customers as a service. O2 IT Services is an expert in the area of information technology, with services covering the entire IT lifecycle.


NAFTA Energy & Utility

NAFTA has extensive experience in gas storage area. Flowmon has brought to NAFTA the detection and alerting of network traffic anomalies for operational and security reasons. “Flowmon helps us to deal with network incidents by a detailed insight into network traffic across multiple locations, communication and control points.”

Occupational Health Insurance Company

 Occupational Health Insurance Company Healthcare

OZP is the second largest employee health insurance company in the Czech Republic. OZP implemented the Flowmon APM solution to improve the availability and reliability of its critical applications. Application response time and user satisfaction is a top priority for OZP and the Flowmon APM helps to identify bottlenecks and optimize them. 

Orange Polska

Orange Polska Telecommunications

Orange Polska, member of France Telecom and one of the largest telecommunication operators in CEE, summarizes the Flowmon solution deployment: "The Flowmon solution is widely used in our company both by network and security engineers. Everyone receives the most important information necessary for their work."

Olomouc Region

Olomouc Region Government

“The solution enables effective search, problematic network segments evaluation, resolving identified problems and establishing a communication infrastructure with respect to the highest safety and speeds within the boundaries of current technology.” Olomouc Region is a regional authority in the Czech Republic.


PAGI Telecommunications

"Having knowledge about traffic patterns and flows allows us to make optimal purchase decisions as well as to detect and mitigate anomalies," says CEO of PAGI SA, one of the most experienced telecom operators on the Polish market, about the Flowmon solution deployment.

Pharma Mall GmbH

Pharma Mall GmbH Healthcare

Flowmon provides customer with a comprehensive solution for network traffic visibility, network security and application monitoring. The most valued feature is a deep insight into business critical application performance with no performance impact on the application platform. Pharma Mall is a large pharmaceutical trading platform in Germany.


PASNET Telecommunications

PASNET is a high-speed metropolitan network intended for the transmission of general digital data operated by the PASNET Association. PASNET appreciates the way of rapidly detecting the direct source of problems in the event of attacks or traffic anomalies, problems which can severely influence the quality and availability of the provided services.


Raiffeisenbank Financial Services

The deployed Flowmon solution provides the customer with a detailed overview of network operations and security incidents and threat detection. The customer appreciates the compatibility with the network active devices and thus valorized previous investments. Raiffeisenbank is one of the largest and most important banks on the Czech market.


 SEGA Enterprise

Flowmon complied with the traditional Japanese requirements for a high-quality solution, and the customer values the deep insight and fast troubleshooting provided by Flowmon over network traffic from multiple branches and facilities. SEGA is one of the leading interactive entertainment companies in the world.


RoutIT Telecommunications

RoutIT provides a wide range of internet and cloud services such as virtual private servers, internet connectivity, virtual private networks, VoIP services, mobile services and security solutions. RoutIT has implemented a joint solution of Flowmon Networks and Arbor Networks to provide a state-of-the-art Anti-DDoS system. E-commerce is the most visited Czech Internet portal with its homepage visited daily by over 2.5 million users. deployed flow monitoring and Network Behavior Analysis technologies to provide detailed network traffic visibility and enable automatic attacks, anomalies and threats detection. 

Silesian University

Silesian University Education and Research

The Silesian University in Opava was established in 1991 and now has three faculties in two geographical locations. Flowmon helps the university with centralized management so they can monitor and control their network effectively.

SGS Spain

SGS Spain Enterprise

Flowmon is used by the customer to provide an easy-to-understand overview of the network status and root cause analysis in a network with thousands of hosts and over 140 flow data exporters. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.


SITMP Telecommunications

Flowmon provides a valuable insights into traffic and detection of security incidents in the 10G metropolitan network interconnecting more than hundred organizations. The ICT administration of the city of Pilsen (SITMP) provides comprehensive services in the field of information technology for organizations established by the city.


SSE-Distribucia Power Engineering

Without a stable network infrastructure, the supply of our electricity would stop, leaving us literally in the dark. Network monitoring by Flowmon helps to ensure the transmission and reliability of the network infrastructure of one of the largest energy suppliers in Slovakia, the company SSE-D.

Slovenská Sporiteľňa

Slovenská Sporiteľňa Financial services

Slovenská Sporiteľňa is the leading savings bank in Slovakia with 2.4 million clients and more than four thousand employees. Thanks to the integration Flowmon with standard security incident process management, the customer has increased their ability to identify incidents and react promptly in their vast network infrastructure.

Soitron Group

Soitron Group ICT Services

The cooperation of Soitron Group with Flowmon Networks brings customers a combination of cutting edge security technologies with expert consulting services for the diagnosis and as-sessment of potential threats for IT infrastructure and business processes.

The City of Oswiecim

The City of Oswiecim Government

With almost 150 employees, the municipality of the City of Oswiecim provides public services to over 40 thousand citizens. The customer had struggled with network visibility and understanding of what was happening in their network. The Flowmon solution now helps the customer with fast root cause analysis of everyday operational and security issues.


Synthos Chemical Industry

Synthos S.A. is one of the largest manufacturer of foam polystyrene worldwide. Technology-intensive chemical industry puts high demands on both the proper functioning of IT infrastructure and security. Flowmon provides administrators with tools for quick identification of security and operational issues, prerequisites for smooth production.

Thomayer Hospital

 Thomayer Hospital Healthcare

The objective of the deployment was to take the existing security elements of the Thomayer hospital data network (Firewall, IDS/ IPS, Antivirus, Spam filter, security policies) to the next level. In addition to other benefits, the customer appreciates the easy-to-use web-based interface and fast implementation of the Flowmon Solution.


Toya Telecommunications/ISP

Toya chose the Flowmon solution for its unmatched performance, wide feature set and cost effectiveness. Flowmon is used for network visibility, anomaly detection and also DDoS attack protection. Toya is one of the biggest Internet Service Providers in Poland.

Trade Fairs Brno

Trade Fairs Brno Commerce

Trade Fairs Brno is the leading brand in trade fairs and exhibitions in Central Europe. Using Cisco’s NetFlow export capabilities enables the customer to extend the Flowmon solution at any time and process NetFlow data from new flow sources in the already implemented Flowmon ADS.

Uniserver Internet

Uniserver Internet Internet Service Provider

Uniserver Internet searched for a comprehensive and fast DDoS attack detection solution with the ability to reroute traffic via the scrubbing center NaWas. Dynamic baselining resulting in minimum configuration of the solution was also one of the requirements. Uniserver Internet is a leading cloud hosting provider on the Dutch market.



VEOLIA VODA CZECH REPUBLIC is a leading provider in the Czech water management market, supplying 3.7 million inhabitants of the Czech Republic through its subsidiaries. Flowmon is one of the essential tools for network monitoring and network security used by VEOLIA VODA.