Network Behavior Analysis & Anomaly Detection

Automate detection of operational and security anomalies in your network. Stop cyber risks that overcome perimeter or end-point protection.

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Unknown Threats Detection

Incorporate detection of new threats into your defence strategy. Based on dynamic learning your business behaviour patterns and data flows analytics, Flowmon uncovers malicious activity and helps to stop malware spreading throughout your organisation.

Malware Discovery

Get alerted on suspicious behaviour change of devices in your network. Signature-less detection methods based on machine learning continuously observe traffic, learn behaviour patterns and alerts on malicious activity.

Seamless Integration with SIEM

Report detected events via integration with SIEM systems, surveillance and incident handling systems. QRadar integration is available via native Flowmon app, REST API and syslog.
Automated Incident Response
Integrate Flowmon with firewalls and SDN controllers to fully automate the reaction to a security incident. Or just script your own mitigation scenario to be triggered when a security event occurs.
Unwanted Applications
Enforce your compliance policies on applications. Get alerts on undesired VPN, anonymisation services, BITTORRENT downloads, and more.
Detection of Botnets
Defeat botnets by detecting their natural behaviour. Flowmon's machine learning algorithms detect unusual network traffic, pinpointing the C&C communication and attacks led from your infrastructure
Insider Threats
Help protect from threats within your network. Early detection handled by advanced behaviour analycs engine, automated alerting and even retrospective data for forensics help to cope with botnets, data breaches, malware and privilege misuse.
Automated Investigation
Simplify network management and enhance its security with the proactive identification of problem causes. Automated detection of security incidents, traffic anomalies and configuration issues significantly speed up problem resolution.
User-defined Behaviour Patterns
Customise and extend detection capabilities of the system by using provided syntax to search over flow data including L7 information for specific behaviour patterns. Events detected by custom methods are processed the same way as other events and the same concepts are applied (reporting, alerting and more).
Volumetric DDoS Protection
Put advanced machine learning between your connectivity and cybercriminals. Flowmon DDoS Defender learns network traffic characteristics of protected infrastructure, utilises static and dynamic rules and adaptive baselines.
Early Detection of Ransomware
Take advantage of a leading behaviour analytics system in situations when every minute counts. If a specific threat is detected, just set your own behaviour pattern and mitigate damage.
BYOD Policies Enforcement
Manage BYOD risks to your infrastructure. Alerts on permitted OS version, HW vendors, suspicious utilisation of the infrastructure helps you to keep BYOD compliance and deliver flexibility your users need.
Crypto Mining Detection
Detect and stop crypto mining on your network. By using behaviour patterns and advanced analytics, Flowmon detects and stops crypto mining software.
Encrypted Traffic Analysis
Take advantage of unencrypted L3/L4 communication to find deviations from standard behaviour. Visibility into SSL/TLS handshake allows analysing, reporting and alerting on compliance of cipher suites, certificates, lengths of the keys, etc, without the need of decryption.

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