SaaS Applications Performance Monitoring

Monitor latency between your corporate site and SaaS applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Google Apps. Get historical trending overviews and instant alerts in case of performance degradation.

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End-user Experience Monitoring

Drive the value of your applications. Identify bottlenecks across all delivery components and provide an understanding of latency issues to the IT teams involved - network, server, application.

NetFlow/IPFIX Monitoring

Transform your network operations with Enriched Flow Data. Flow data (NetFlow/IPFIX) enriched with packet level information, performance statistics and application monitoring provides a comparable level of detail while requiring a fraction of computing power and storage of full packet traces.

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Cloud Infrastructure Visibility

Flowmon cooperates with public cloud providers and 3rd party vendors to bring the worlds' first full-feature NPMD solution available in the cloud.

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Proactive Detection

Save time on investigation by automatic detection and alerting on network anomalies, such as unresponsive services, IP spoofing, port scanning and a variety of undesired behaviour in DNS, DHCP or ICMP communication.

Single Source of Truth

Let your IT teams collaborate to lower MTTR. Flowmon stores statistics about every network communication with no sampling, no aggregation. One source of truth about the root-cause, affected services and users, denoting which team is responsible for remediation.

Digital User Experience

Identify bottlenecks and resolve latency issues caused by networks, servers and applications. Deep performance visibility across on-premise, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments.

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Network Configuration Diagnostics
Access communication between clients and servers to identify network infrastructure configuration failures along the traffic, patch to ensure the fastest remediation and spend less time on troubleshooting.
LAN/WAN Monitoring
Tune your network performance to its finest with a centralised dashboard. Monitor user activity within different subnets and VLANs, track connectivity, latency and QoS. Get comprehensive east-west visibility, identify different applications and track user transactions traversing LAN/WAN.
Network Traffic Monitoring
Ensure the reliability, availability and security of business services with confidence. Flow provides visibility into traffic structure to streamline decision making and save costs on NetOps.
Network Monitoring & Visibility
Leverage detailed network visibility based on NetFlow/IPFIX to streamline troubleshooting, network operations and optimise the performance of the entire IT environment.
BYOD and Active Devices
Ensure capacity, compliance and security requirements by understanding who connects to your corporate network, what devices they use, what applications they use and how they utilise your infrastructure.
Historical Data Tracking
Track historical data to learn about trends and make proactive decisions on infrastructure architecture, configuration, capacity and provisioning. Store data for weeks, months or even years.
Compliance Enforcement
Leave uncertainty behind and uncover the compliance blind spots in your organisation. With hard traffic data you can detect goofs, rougue users, poorly configured systems and other risks that pose a threat to business continuity.
Application and Network Latency
Distinguish between latency caused by server and network. With Flowmon you always see which users are affected and resolve the problem before it impacts your business. Measure fault, performance and availability of your local, hosted or SaaS applications.
Forecasting and Capacity Planning
Take decisive actions with a detailed awareness of your network needs. Flowmon automatically collects, sorts and visualises network utilisation data. With both real-time statistics and history track, you always know what capacity your infrastructure and servers need.
Troubleshooting and Forensics
Streamline root-cause analysis with powerful analytics. User friendly statistics, overviews and intuitive drill-down workflow is available for any communication in your network.
SLAs Measuring
Satisfy your business requirements on uptime and quality of services. Flowmon tracks communication between clients and servers and alerts on service degradation / SLAs breaches that may impact mission critical operations.
Advanced Reporting
Stay ahead of network incidents. Use off-the-shelf overviews or tailor them to your needs. Share data between IT teams easily. Get alerted on performance and bandwidth utilisation to your email, ticketing and log management system.
Bandwidth Monitoring
Optimise capacity planning, peering agreements and take control over bandwidth usage. With hard data about top users, devices, applications and services you can make effective decisions to save costs on infrastructure and connectivity.

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