Automated DDoS Protection

Minimise financial and operational impacts of DDoS attacks. Automated detection, adaptive response and mitigation via 3rd party appliances or cloud scrubbing ensure your resources will always be available.

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DDoS Protection as a Service

Protect your customers from volumetric DDoS attacks. Flowmon fits the needs of MSPs and ISPs who want to broaden the service portfolio with DDoS protection. Virtual platforms allow to start with low costs and scale up with your needs.

DDoS Mitigation Using BGP Flowspec

Finetune your DDoS mitigation and avoid dropping legitimate traffic with BGP Flowspec. The feature allows sharing the dynamic signature of the attack with the border routers in fully automatic or semiautomatic mode. Additionally, the solution architecture allows applying different mitigation strategies to each protected segment.

Mitigation Tiering

Apply different mitigation strategies based on the attack characteristics. Mitigate all attacks up to capacity of your on-prem mitigation appliance and let the rest of the traffic be redirected to a cloud scrubbing service. No manual input needed, everything is fully automated.

Redirection to Scrubbing

Flowmon allows automatic traffic redirection by using standard mechanisms, such as PBR, BGP and BGP Flowspec, or mitigate the attack using RTBH.

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