Detection of Insider Threats

Save time on investigation by automatic detection and alerting on network anomalies, such as unresponsive services, IP spoofing, port scanning and a variety of undesired behaviour in DNS, DHCP or ICMP communication.

Malware or cyber attacks will be discovered eventually, but it makes better sense to spot them early rather than late.

Because of advancements in network security, cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and better prepared. They do their best to remain hidden until they are ready to strike, disguising themselves as innocent traffic. According to Gartner, up to 80 % of attacks originate inside the network.

How, then, do we detect the undetectable? Flowmon features a smart combination of traffic monitoring and machine learning to do precisely this. While the Flowmon Monitoring Center (FMC) analyzes collected traffic and provides useful statistics, the Anomaly Detection System (ADS) interprets this data as behavior patterns to discern activities that warrant suspicion from those which bear the characteristics of your normal network functioning. Based on its findings, it can automatically issue an alert or trigger a mitigating measure.

The solution doesn’t wait for attacks to manifest themselves. It catches and contains them before they can even begin to do harm.

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