Advanced Network Security Technology for Managed Services Providers

When the world of cyber threats rapidly evolves, many businesses look for an additional layer of security. This is an opportunity for service providers who wish to differentiate and provide next generation protection to their customers. Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) is frequently demanded by customers as well as DDoS protection, which ensures the availability of customer services. In these cases Flowmon is a perfect match.

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Flowmon & MSSP

Deploying tools for network traffic monitoring and analysis helps to provide SECaaS, bring more value to customers and increase profits. Flowmon solution is a perfect match for Manages Security Service Providers and Internet Service Providers to extend their service offering into the area of network monitoring and security. Flowmon takes care of the customer’s network traffic and reports on unwanted and malicious activities. The solution permanently scans the network, detects unwanted behavior and thus detects APTs, botnets, attacks on network services (SSH, Telnet, DNS anomalies), intensive spamming, blacklisted IP addresses and DDoS attacks.

Flowmon brings Managed Security Service Providers a technology that:

  • Extends service offering with Network Behavior Analysis and DDoS protection

  • Is fully ready for multi-tenant environments

  • Supports white-labelling & rebranding

  • Reports & alerts for your customers about malicious behavior in their network

Network Security as a Service with Flowmon ADS

Flowmon ADS continuously analyzes the customer’s Internet traffic and searches for malicious behavior and communication. Sophisticated network behavior analysis of Flowmon ADS allows ISPs to report on various events about which customers are often unaware of. Help your customer to keep track of the following cyber threats.

  • Infected nodes in the network and botnets
  • Dictionary attacks to guess a username/password
  • Increased use of network services
  • Sending or attempting to send SPAM
  • Devices in the network attacking the Internet
  • Suspicious communication in DNS traffic

Offer DDoS Protection using Flowmon DDoS Defender

Flowmon DDoS Defender is a scalable anti-DDoS solution leveraging statistics from routers or dedicated network probes with an advanced network traffic analysis. Upon the immediate detection of a DDoS attack led against the customer, Flowmon DDoS Defender allows a way to manually or automatically initiate the mitigation process. The ISP can define protected segments (subnets) to monitor and analyze the traffic of customers who want to use this service. Upon detection of a DDoS attack the following actions can be performed:

  • Customer can be alerted via e-mail, syslog, SNMP trap
  • Customer’s Internet traffic can be redirected using PBR, BGP, RTBH
  • Script can be initiated
  • Attack elimination (mitigation) can be started automatically or manually by the ISP or customer

After initiating attack elimination, the traffic is diverted to a Scrubbing Center or out-of-path mitigation device. The customer then gets only the allowed (clear) traffic of legitimate users. After the end of the attack, reports can be generated to give the customer an overview and details of the DDoS attack. Learn more about Flowmon DDoS protection solution.

"Using Flowmon ADS we have detected our customers’ infected computers instructed by a botnet server to systematically attack computers all over the world, botnet infected devices and intensive spamming. Our customers had not been aware of such malware in their network. Therefore, today we provide automatic reports containing detected anomalies and threats to our customers as an added value to increase the security and quality of provided services.“

Mikuláš Labský, Head of The Telecommunications Department at ČD – Telematika

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