At Flowmon, we strive to bring our customers a high-performance solution that delivers a consolidated picture of the network, applications and security. Based on the feedback and feature requests from our customers, we are continuously updating Flowmon with new features and enhancements. See what our product teams are currently working on.

    Flowmon Traffic Analyser
    Automated root-cause analytical solution based on full packet data and advanced decision trees to isolate bottlenecks and configuration errors of network and application services.
    Trending on NPM Data
    Automated time series analysis of network and application telemetry data that can predict future trends, performance degradation or downtime.
    New generation GUI
    We are unifying Flowmon's modular architecture under a single dashboard and integrated views of network traffic from an operational, security and application performance perspective. The design further incorporates incident management and handling capabilities. Continuous delivery commencing 2020.

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During the webinar you will learn about History and Background of Flowmon Networks and Enriched Flow Data technology.

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