Customer expectations, company positioning, combined decades of experience, and analyst predictions are the four factors that determine Flowmon’s direction for the future.

    Flowmon Packet Investigator
    An automated root-cause analytical tool that processes full-packet data via decision-tree analysis to isolate bottlenecks and configuration errors of network and application services.
    Consolidated reporting
    The reporting capabilities of every member of the Flowmon suite are brought together for central and holistic data presentation. Reports can be scheduled in a calendar-like system.
    Tenant management
    New access rights architecture provides independent data spaces on one shared appliance and enables intuitive user/role management per every tenant.

    The Dashboard and reports support adding the user’s logo and customizing the color theme.

    Traffic visualization

    High-level widgets provide an at-a-glance status overview of network health, security, and application performance.

    Predefined alerts

    In the spirit of out-of-the-box functionality, predefined alerts are included in configuration templates to save users additional trouble with setup.

    Redesigned event processing

    New stream architecture brings faster detection and higher performance. Event processing is redesigned to reduce the number of redundant events.

    Expanded threat intelligence

    As part of increasing the plurality of its detection capabilities, the system supports an automated exchange of threat intelligence (MISP & STIX/TAXII) and dynamic blacklist categories. Users can import their own intelligence feeds in any CSV-like format.

    New-generation GUI

    Flowmon’s modular architecture is unified under a single dashboard and integrated views of network traffic from the perspective of network operations, security, and application performance. The design further incorporates incident management capabilities.

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