At Flowmon we strive to bring our customers a high-performance solution to view consolidated picture of the network, applications and security in a single solution. Based on the feedback from our customers and feature requests we are continuously updating Flowmon with new features and enhancements. See what our product teams are currently working on.

    DDoS Mitigation Tiering
    Summer 2019
    Customers will be able apply different mitigation strategies based on the attack characteristics. E.g. mitigate all attacks up to capacity of their on-prem mitigation appliance and redirect the rest to a cloud scrubbing service in a fully automated way.
    Stream Data Processing
    Autumn 2019
    Redesign of the detection engines to process all data in a stream will increase performance by 600 % while reducing the time of detection by 5x-10x. Detection of DDoS attacks is expected to drop to 1 second.
    New Security Analyst Dashboard
    Autumn 2019
    We're revisiting workflows and configurations such as false positive management to accommodate faster and more effective analytical processes.
    Flowmon Traffic Analyser
    Automated root-cause analytical solution based on full packet data and advanced decision trees to isolate bottlenecks and configuration errors of network and application services.
    Data Profiling and Incident Prediction
    Advanced analysis of network and application telemetry using AI techniques can predict future trends and incidents in IT infrastructure and applications.
    New generation GUI
    We are unifying Flowmon's modular system architecture under a single dashboard and integrated views of network traffic from an operational, security and application performance perspective. The design further incorporates incident management and handling capabilities. Continuous delivery commencing 2020.
    Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations
    Continuous and automated assessment of network functionality, security, performance and user experience. Adaptive detection and prediction mechanisms and built-in remedial action recommendations based on intelligent correlation of multiple data sources (IP flows, packet data, network performance metrics, synthetic testing, anomaly detections, IDS signatures and blacklists). Continuous delivery commencing 2020

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