Using integrations to build up efficient defense

During this session we will guide you through different ways how efficient security can be build up by integrating solutions and leveraging your network itself or technologies that you have usually already deployed. 

Our special guest Will Purkiss, Client Manager at Axians (UK), will explain how recent trends such as massive DDoS attacks, wide usage of Ransomware or GDPR are changing mindset of security directors. 

Flowmon Networks partners with premium technology vendors to leverage deployed technologies at a customer. Let's discover added value of Flowmon integrations with Lubos Lunter, Product & Alliances Manager at Flowmon.

The webinar is hosted by Artur Kane, Technology Evangelist at Flowmon, who will add the importance of technology compatibility and integrations from customer's perspective. 

When: April 26th at 2PM (CEST).