Flowmon 10.0 Walkthrough & Business cases

Join this session to learn the latest news in the upcoming stable release of Flowmon 10.0. We'll introduce business cases, targeted audience and show live demonstrations of the environment. This webinar is intended for Flowmon channel partners only.

Flowmon 10.0 redefines the scalability and usability of the flow monitoring system for future proofing network operation tasks. A single Flowmon installation can scale to millions of flows per second and tens of independent locations with distributed architecture controlled from a single console. The revised user interface brings remarkable user experience while retaining the same philosophy of workflow and feature set. Encrypted Traffic Analysis brings unprecedented visibility into SSL/TLS traffic, leaving packet analysis tools behind in use cases, such as malware discovery. Furthermore, native visibility into the IoT/ICS environment extends our use cases beyond IT operations and network security.

The webinar will be hosted by Artur Kane, Flowmon Technology Evangelist.

Date: November 7th at 4 pm (CET)