Fast flow-based DDoS attacks detection and mitigation

Protection of high-speed networks and an effective mitigation of DDoS attacks is one of the key challenges for internet service providers and backbone operators today. Meet Flowmon DDoS Defender in action!

Are your customers ready to stay offline? Unavailability of data centre or critical customer application as consequence of a DoS/DDoS attack can cause financial loss, reputation damage or security risks. You can't prevent your infrastructure from being a target, but you can be prepared to become one. Join our LIVE webinar with Lubos Lunter focused on DDoS detection and mitigation.

Date:  Jun 22 at 2 PM (CEST)
Register by email to: [email protected]

Mitigate volumetric DDoS Attacks near real-time and even without scrubbing centre. Flowmon DDoS Defender benefits from improved flow data granularity and brings mitigation option using BGP Flowspec. Lubos Lunter, Product Manager of Flowmon solution, will show you new ultimate features of Flowmon DDoS Defender in action.