Detecting malicious activity in ICS/SCADA environment

With the technological shift towards interconnectivity, ICS/SCADA environments are now vulnerable to external influences more than ever. Join this webinar hosted by Artur Kane to learn how Flowmon allows detection and context-aware resolution of malicious activities in ICS/SCADA environment.

The proper functioning of industrial control systems lies behind crucial processes, such as energy distribution, machinery, water management and many others. Any change in the network can lead to a restriction or a complete shutdown of crucial processes, which directly impacts the organisation and their customers alike.

Together with our special guest, Mariusz Stawowski, Technical Director at Clico, we will discuss how Flowmon’s network visibility intelligence enables companies to avoid such risks, deal with security threats and enhance IT operations.

The webinar is hosted by Artur Kane, Flowmon Technology Evangelist.

Date: November 15th at 3 pm (CET)