Carrier-grade DDoS Protection by Flowmon and NaWaS

Protection of high-speed networks and successful mitigation of DDoS attacks is one of the key challenges for ISPs and backbone operators. Allowing the attack to reach its target means that the attacker was successful and there are no more options left to clean the internet pipe. There are several ways how to perform DDoS protection against volumetric attacks: in-line, cloud, Out-of-Band and hybrid combination of these options. Join the webinar and explore a unique synergy between NaWaS cloud mitigation service and Flowmon. 

Lubos Lunter (Strategic Alliances at Flowmon Networks) will host Frank Dupker (Sales Director at NaWaS) and Tim Jones, Regional Sales Manager UKI at Flowmon Networks. Webinar's guests will introduce the joint solution for DDoS attacks protection and will share best-practices from NaWaS, non-profit scrubbing center which is being used by tens of customers across Europe. 

Date: June 12th, 2019 3PM CEST