Anomaly Detection in Colleges and Universities

Universities face a variety of cyber security threats, including disruption to the functioning of their network infrastructure, through to more general and targeted attempts to obtain valuable information from networks and users. Join Stuart Smith, Sales Engineer at Flowon Networks, to learn, how you can make use of Flowmon when dealing with anomalies and cyber threats in your university network.

The growing challenge from the advanced, persistent and targeted threats reflect the Universities critical contribution to innovation and the economic development to both the UK and abroad. Keeping operational and security issues under control is paramount to ensure continuity and customer satisfaction. Flowmon Networks present It's Flow Time! answering the visibility and security challenges brought by today's technology evolution.


  • The challenges of looking after a University’s network
  • A recipe for wasting budget - Using tools from yesterday to resolve today’s problems
  • Mind the gap! - Visibility is Key !
  • Real Live Use Case & Live Demo
  • Q&A 

Date: October 30th, 2 PM (GMT+1)