Vendor Status & Quality Check

Flowmon Networks offers a Status & Quality Check Service to ensure that customers receive the maximum value from the Flowmon solution. The service includes one day on-site or the online engagement of a Flowmon Engineer who will check the proper operation and tune up the Flowmon solution.

Service Description

  • Solution update to the current version
    The Flowmon Engineer will update Flowmon solution including all modules to the current version if not already updated.

  • Verifying proper deployment and monitoring
    The Flowmon Engineer will check whether the solution is deployed correctly and monitors desired network infrastructure, expected network traffic and applications.

  • Status & Quality Check Certificate
    The Customer receives a certificate stating that the status and quality of deployed solution was checked and verified by the vendor.

  • Verifying proper operation of all Flowmon solution system tuning
    Quality check of deployed Flowmon appliances and modules. The Flowmon Engineer will verify proper flow export (on Flowmon Probes only) and flow collection, proper configuration of all installed modules and optionally tune up the system to enhance detection and lower false positive rates. The Flowmon Engineer corrects all recognized misconfigurations in the Flowmon solution.

  • Questions & Answers
    The Flowmon Engineer will demonstrate how to use Flowmon solution to get the maximum value or answer the customer’s questions in the remaining time of the engagement. The demonstration can include examples of flow data analysis, creation of chapters, reports, dashboard and alerts, interpretation of detected events, performance problems, etc.

Why Vendor Status & Quality Check?

  • Flowmon solution status & quality check by the vendor.

  • Well configured and tuned up system to receive maximum value from the Flowmon solution.

  • Experience sharing and training during the engagement.

  • Discussion about the customer needs and inputs for future product development.

This service is provided for Flowmon products only and installations with up to six Flowmon appliances and four Flowmon modules.

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