Flowmon Cloud

Are you looking for a reliable tool to manage and secure your network confidently? With no constraints, no maintenance fees and no infrastructure costs? Do you want to deliver to your customers a cutting-edge, Gartner recognized NPMD & NBA solution? Flowmon is an all-in-one platform fully prepared to be delivered via cloud and to fulfil your requirements. It is easy. Just contact us and we will get back to you with details of the service.

Flowmon Cloud for Customers

Flowmon Cloud is an ideal option for every business that wants a reliable network monitoring and security solution with no constraints. It allows a way to monitor physical, virtual and hybrid IT environments while saving costs spent on infrastructure and maintenance. Just send your flow data securely to Flowmon Cloud and let Flowmon do its work. Start monitoring your network immediately, pay as you go on a monthly basis, utilize your time efficiently and above all: keep your network under control.

An opportunity for Flowmon Business Partners

Flowmon Cloud is an opportunity for Flowmon business partners who wish to differentiate and enrich their portfolio with cloud services. Build your own Flowmon Cloud easily and deliver your customers top-notch network monitoring and security as a service model. Are you already providing SaaS/Cloud/Managed services? Complement your offerings with Flowmon!


"Thanks to Flowmon we provide automatic reports containing detected anomalies and threats to our customers as an added value to increase the security and quality of provided services.“

Mikuláš Labský, Head of The Telecommunications Department at ČD – Telematika

Our customers

Vodafone Czech RepublicAllianzOrange PolskaSiemensVolkswagenE.ONKia Motors SlovakiaSEGA

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Flowmon Solution

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Flowmon Collector

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Managed Security Service Provider

Managed Security Service Provider

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