see the difference). If you are not sure, what training to attend, see this explanation." />

Flowmon training for partners in 2017

Privately hold training sessions are dedicated to education of Flowmon partners for free. The courses are focused on both technical and sales area of Flowmon products. The technical part is further segmented according to difficulty level into – Product Training and Technical Training. Both Product and Sales training are available on-site and online (see the difference). If you are not sure, what training to attend, see this explanation.


Product training

  • 11.09.2017, 9:00 - 17:00 (Brno, Czech Republic) Product Training

Technical training

  • 12.09.2017, 9:00 - 17:00 (Brno, Czech Republic) Technical training for consultants

Business training

  • 12.09.2017, 9:00 - 17:00 (Brno, Czech Republic) Sales Training for salesmen

Other trainings


Flowmon Certified Training

Product Training

Entry level of pre-sales and technical training designed for all partners. This training is suitable for technical support, pre-sales consultants and salesmen.

This includes a workshop, which provides an overview of the product and technology innovations and gradually the different parts of Flowmon (probes, collectors, plugins) to participants. The aim of the workshop is to train participants in the basics of Flowmon product, its pre-sales presentation and basic configuration.

The outcome of the training is a certificate Flowmon Certified Solution Consultant (valid for 2 years). The acquisition of the certificate is subject to successful completion of a written test at the end of Product Training.

Technical training

It is intended only for Product Training graduates who earned the Flowmon Certified Solution Consultant certificate. The participants are required to bring their own laptop.

The entire workshop is oriented to the solution of practical situations, frequent customer or business team requirements. On model situations, we introduce:

  • Search for a specific traffic operation in Flowmon Monitoring Center

  • Assembly of a report of interesting events from Flowmon ADS

  • Configuration of NetFlow export

  • Configuration of profiles

  • Configuration of a custom report

  • Configuration of Flowmon ADS

  • Typical installation, TAPs (LC/SC, copper)

  • Installation of a virtual probe

The aim of this training is to improve the basic technical knowledge and ability to respond to any technical challenges in the real situation. The training is intended for technical support, training graduates will be able to perform the installation and configuration solutions and provide technical support.

The outcome of the training is a certificate Flowmon Certified Technical Engineer (valid for 2 years). The acquisition of the certificate is subject to successful completion of a written test at the end of Technical Training.

Sales Training

Certified training program is prepared for salesmen of our partners. During this event we will focus on the target customers of Flowmon, describe their specifics, requirements and sales approach in individual verticals. We will identify problems which Flowmon helps to solve, how to respond to common objections and more. In addition to the sales cycle itself the training also involves comparison with competitors, use cases, our references, testimonials, licensing policy and deployment examples. The scope of the training is furthermore to introduce different levels of partnership,

deal registration and protection, support that Flowmon Networks provides and important information sources. This training ends with a test and successful attendees are provided with certificate named Flowmon Certified Sales Consultant. The certificate is a prerequisite for achieving higher partnership levels with Flowmon Networks. We strongly encourage you to continue with Product training. This will enable you to align customer requirements to Flowmon feature set and help you to sell more.

Online vs. on-site training

Both Product and Sales training are available on-site at Flowmon HQ or local Certified Training Centres, and online in the form of videos and online tests using our E-learning portal. The online version does require any registration limited to a specific date and time. Simply log in to the portal and attend the virtual course. Online and on-site training and tests are equivalent in both content and form. The advantage of on-site training primarily lies in the fact that your questions may be answered and discussed with a specialized trainer immediately. The recommendation (not obligatory) is to gain the first certificate on-site and renewal it online. Technical training is held on-site as a full day training with a practical exam, or on-line through a series of four webinars interacting with a live trainer and practical exams. The online version requires registration through a form on this page (see above).

What training should you attend?

Pre/Postsales engineers

Product training provides the primary and entry level session for technical consultants and engineers. Attendees will gain knowledge of technology principles, features, product models, use cases, typical projects, sizing and much more. Engineers are recommended to continue to Technical training to learn how to deploy and support the solution. Sales training is optional for technical consultants such as Presales engineers.


Business managers

Sales training is primarily designed as an entry and main level for Sales consultants (i.e. Business Development Managers) to understand those customers we target and what our experience in that area is - problems we solve, likely competition to meet and much more. We strongly encourage Sales consultants to later attend Product training as well to provide a quality level of product consultancy.

Our customers

Vodafone Czech RepublicAllianzOrange PolskaSiemensVolkswagenE.ONKia Motors SlovakiaSEGA

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