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Automated DDoS Detection for a Zero-Downtime Data Center Provider

Equinix connects businesses with partners and customers around the world through a global platform of highperformance data centers to help them grow their businesses, improve application performance and protect their vital digital assets. Equinix operates in 52 strategic markets across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Flowmon is now helping Equinix achieve their goal: reaching world's top business markets within 10 milliseconds.


  • Different mitigation scenarios
  • Traffic diversion to an external scrubbing center
  • Detection of attacks on IPv6

Key benefits

  • High return on investment
  • Fast and reliable DDoS attack detection
  • Automatic mitigation orchestration


Equinix sees security and the reliability of their service as a priority. Even before deploying Flowmon their customers were protected from DDoS attacks with the employment of multiple protection strategies.

  • Traffic shaping of attacks threatening their backbone at starting volume of 1Gbps.
  • Attack rerouting and mitigation in an external scrubbing center for attacks of higher volume, especially when transit and peering lines are in danger.
  • On-premise mitigation devices to deliver scrubbing as an optional premium service to customers.

However, with the trend of uprising attack volumes and different striking methods, Equinix faced the need to build an equivalent protection strategy on IPv6 protocol – not supported by the standing technology.


Flowmon is deployed on the backbone of a critical datacenter in the Netherlands where the multiple layer set-up is in use. Currently, attacks on IPv4 are covered by the standing solutions and every attack on IPv6 is detected by Flowmon using its inbuilt artificial intelligence mechanisms. After the detection, DDoS Defender is ready to automatically orchestrate a variety of mitigation scenarios. In this case, redirection of the respective traffic to the out-of-path scrubbing center, where Flowmon is also used. Leveraging Flowmon to divert traffic to this center is quite common in the region, leading to a proven and functional solution.

“Flowmon was our first and only DDoS solution to test since we’ve had a very convincing feedback on their technology. The combination of great value for money, our experience with the vendors’ support and their feature-set sealed our decision. We have customers from all industries, including healthcare and education. Flowmon provides the flexibility we need to grow with our clients’ future business needs.”

Joost Westerbeek, IT Network Engineer at Equinix Netherlands


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