How to Get Started with
Network and Cloud Operations

Setting the Objectives and Data Gathering Scheme
This step helps us to choose the right source of data by understanding your network infrastructure. Finally, the optimal project cost is estimated.
Use Cases Compatible 
with 3rd Party Data Sources
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Utilisation
  • Basic Troubleshooting of Network Services
  • Real-time Netflow Monitoring

For these use cases you can provide Flowmon with NetFlow data generated by a variety of 3rd party devices, including switches, routers, packet brokers and firewalls.

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Use Cases when Flowmon Appliance is Required
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Application Availability Monitoring
  • End-user Experience Monitoring for Cloud Applications
  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis
  • On-demand Full Packet Capture
  • Cloud Services Monitoring

For these use cases you need the Flowmon Probe, which comes as a hardware, virtual appliance or cloud service. Connect the Probe via SPAN port or TAP to generate enriched NetFlow/IPFIX data from L2-L7.

Understanding the Monitoring Scope

This step ensures the selection of the most price-efficient data storage and processing part of the solution, Flowmon Collector.

Flowmon Collector receives data from the sources you have chosen in the previous step. It provides real-time monitoring as well as historical data retention and gives you ultimate network traffic reporting and alerting capabilities.

Data transfers between Flowmon Probes and Collectors are minimal, hence keeping the bandwidth requirements low, and all data can be encrypted for extra security.

Flowmon Collectors come in a variety of storage sizes and with a different performance. Depending on your data retention requirements, you can scale from 0.5TB to 192TB per appliance. 

Choose the hardware appliance, virtual appliance (compatible with VMware, Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors) or Amazon AWSMS Azure and Google Cloud for cloud deployments.

Performances scales from 75.000 fps to 400.000 fps per appliance. Additionally, Collectors can be stacked to Distributed Architecture to support your global operations with no size limits.

Choosing Monitoring Extension Modules
This step helps us choose the right extensions, the so called Flowmon modules, which provide different analytical capabilities.
Flowmon Collectors

Extend your Collector with different modules to gain additional level of traffic visibility 

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Flowmon Application Performance Monitor

Monitor user-experience of your web based applications

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Flowmon APM Transaction Generator

Use synthetic testing to monitor availability and response of your web based apps 

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Flowmon Traffic Recorder

Capture full packet traces on-demand and get hard data for forensics

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Industry-leading Support
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"Thanks to Flowmon ADS performing behavioral analysis automatically we are be 
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