A SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Alternative With Real Visibility

While SolarWinds excels at SNMP monitoring, its NetFlow Traffic Analyzer fails to deliver beyond basic functionality. Only Flowmon, with its dedicated NetFlow-first architecture, will provide you with the necessary network traffic visibility you need for effective troubleshooting, application performance monitoring, and anomaly detection.
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The world’s leading enterprises trust Flowmon

Deeper insight, faster troubleshooting, minimum knowledge required

  • Agentless end-user experience monitoring, including RTT, SRT, Jitter, and RTR.
  • Drilldown to individual server transactions, SQL statements, and more.
  • On-demand and on-detection packet trace recording and automated analysis.
  • A single source of network metadata from on-prem, edge, and cloud traffic.

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Flowmon is built for detailed and scalable network analysis

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Bandwidth utilization monitoring
Traffic structure, usage patterns, top talker statistics
Malicious traffic detection
Port scanning, dictionary attacks, beaconing, C&C communication, data exfiltration
Agentless user experience monitoring
Key metrics (RTT, SRT, Jitter, RTR), drilldown user transactions
Network troubleshooting and forensics
Monitoring DNS, Samba, HTTP, DHCP, etc., including deep drilldown and advanced filtering
Automated packet analysis
On-demand and on-event packet recording with automated error analysis and remedial suggestions
Infrastructure health monitoring
Disk, memory, IOPS, temperature, availability
Network configuration management
Device discovery, configuration change tracking

Flowmon instantly cuts your troubleshooting time from hours to minutes

Effective troubleshooting

Up to 16x faster mean-time-to resolution of performance issues. Leverage the analytical view for decisive L2-L7insights.

Cross-Environment visibility

On-premise, edge, and cloud under one visibility umbrella. Advanced performance monitoring and diagnostics across all your environments and applications.

30 minutes to deploy

From zero to actionable data on the dashboard in 30 minutes. Use presets and predefined dashboards for automatic configuration or create your own to shape the tool to your specific needs.

Broad vs. deep visibility

Network monitoring is not infrastructure monitoring. Technologies built around SNMP do an excellent job telling you that some network element is in trouble, but to actually discover why the issue exists, you need actionable data and deep network traffic visibility.

But that doesn't mean it has to be one or the other. It's a good idea to build the overall picture of your infrastructure's health and availability with SNMP monitoring and switch to dedicated network traffic monitoring whenever you need solid insights on the root cause of issues. Plus, with the visibility Kemp Flowmon provides, you will be able to discover problems that SNMP solutions ignore completely.

Scalability, versatility and performance in one network monitoring tool

Flowmon houses the most powerful NetFlow/IPFIX data exporter available.

Network Approach

Clear insights for user experience monitoring, troubleshooting, and anomaly detection.

Data Compatibility

Process data in all standard formats, e.g. NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow, NetStream, and more.

Hybrid Ready

Process and normalize data for equal visibility across the public cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments.

Functional Versatility

Network data analysis for the big picture, proxy for data forwarding, or network data storage.

High Scalability

Small businesses or global distributed architectures. The scalability is limitless and always cost-effective.

Peerless Performance

The highest performance in flows/s on the market. Built for fast data processing, it has weeks of historical data storage.

"The combination of great value for money, our experience with the vendors’ support and their feature-set sealed our decision. Flowmon provides the flexibility we need to grow with our clients’ future business needs."

Joost Westerbeek

IT Network Engineer

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