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Watch our 2019 Roadmap Webinar and explore how Flowmon helps IT operations in everyday tasks.

During the webinar you will learn about History and Background of Flowmon Networks and Enriched Flow Data technology.

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Features to Keep Your Networks Under Control

On-demand Full Packet Capture

Speed up network forensics by avoiding the need to rummage through unimportant volumes of traffic. Narrow down to a demanded portion of the traffic only and record it. Manually or automatically upon an event. At any given time and any location in your network.

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Advanced Reporting and Alerting

Receive relevant alerts only. With advanced filters you can create custom rules based on a variety of data fields (IP, port, hostname, OS, protocol, ASN and much more). Full control over the triggering mechanism and automatic actions (SNMP, syslog, email, triggered packet capture, custom scripts) included.

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Cloud Visibility

Get the level of visibility as if you were monitoring your on-premise infrastructure. Collect, report, analyse and troubleshoot your cloud traffic. Flowmon Collector is the first full-blown NetFlow/IPFIX appliance on Amazon’s AWS and MS Azure Marketplaces.

Distributed architecture and High Availability

Scale up to monitor more elements, traffic and locations with no limitations. More Flowmon units can be simply added to increase both performance and storage capacity.

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Synthetic Testing

Drive the user experience of your applications proactively. Active application testing is a script-based simulation of user behaviour that measures latency and the functionality of http/https based apps.

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Drill Down to any Communication

Get to the incident root cause quickly. User friendly drill down and filtering capabilities to any communication ensure you have the required data for your analysis in a non-sampled, non-aggregated form.

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BYOD Monitoring

Monitor BYOD traffic to get visibility and control over connected devices. Passive device fingerprinting allows you to identify the device manufacturer, OS and web browser. Extend this with the real user identity (i.e. username or hostname) by using logs from any authentication system to get more control.

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Bandwith Monitoring

Monitor bandwidth usage including TopN statistics (e.g. TopN downloaders), understand the detailed structure of traffic based on IP address, host name, protocol, VLAN, MPLS and much more. All in customisable reports.

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Historical Network Data

Use the most relevant information from packets. Flow data technology is up to 500x more scalable than packet analysis. Depending on the desired retention period, data are always ready in a structured and understandable way for capacity planning, trending analysis or retrospective analysis.

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