It has now been more than seven months since Flowmon was acquired by American company Kemp Technologies, and since then we’ve seen many under-the-surface changes, like unifying systems and teams. In addition, there has been the first product integration - the LoadMaster now has the functionality of the Flowmon Probe, making it the industry’s best implementation of network telemetry on an ADC. But now, we are now at a stage where the changes will be much more visible. Let’s take a look at them.

Kemp as master brand

The biggest change is the new product naming. Kemp now becomes the master brand with multiple product families. This means that the ADC product line will be called Kemp LoadMaster and the NPMD & NDR line will henceforth be named Flowmon. This will be reflected in the name of each product as well – see the infographic.

The new naming will affect all relevant materials including the user interface which will soon shed the Flowmon logo and start wearing Kemp’s. Since fall 2021 you should be seeing the new branding everywhere, including new yellow bezels on HW appliances.

Updates to and

In keeping with the integration timeline, we recently launched an updated homepage, which now includes the Flowmon product line and will soon be partly localized to Czech. In the upcoming weeks, we will also update the existing domain Key content will appear on as well.

Support and partner portal

In July, changes will be made in the access to the partner portal. The existing partner portal on the Flowmon domain will be shut down and its functionality will be migrated to the Kemp Partner Central. This entails changes in deal registrations, certificates, knowledgebase, etc. Changes to the support portal have already been made and are accessible at Flowmon Support or Kemp Support Center.

What will not change

These changes will not affect existing pricelists or product numbers (aka PN or SKU) in any way.

The Flowmon company name will cease to exist in early 2022

During the first quarter of 2022, the company will definitively abandon the Flowmon name and will be renamed to Kemp Technologies Czechia a.s., thus concluding the integration. Our emails will remain active for some time, but if you update our contacts to, it will be easier for us to synchronize calendars.