Software-defined networking (SDN) addresses the challenges of the increasing complexity of traditional networks such as an increasing number of devices, inconsistent policies across networks or the inability to scale-out according to current business needs.

Secure Enterprise SDN (SES), developed by Allied Telesis, combines leading applications with a full-featured OpenFlow implementation to significantly reduce time and cost spent on network management. Additionally, it enables IT personnel to improve network security.

SES already works with IT asset management, and network threat detection systems. Thanks to the collaboration with Flowmon and its Flowmon ADS module, a leading NBAD (Network Behavior Anomaly Detection) solution developed by Flowmon Networks, SES is provided with detailed network monitoring and protection against cyber threats that bypass traditional security tools.

Flowmon is a network monitoring and security solution using cutting edge IP flow monitoring technology (NetFlow, IPFIX etc.). It is a comprehensive platform for complete visibility into the network traffic: NetFlow exporters, Collectors for analysis, and on-demand modules for advanced features. Flowmon ADS module provides security engineers with a variety of features to detect undesirable behavior in their IT environment including cyber-threats, policy violations and targeted attacks.

The unique solution which is jointly developed by Orizon Systems and Allied Telesis provides the followings:

  • Strengthen security by advanced security intelligence that detects undesirable behavior in the network such as communication with botnet command & control servers, port scans, dictionary attacks, targeted attacks etc.

  • Identify the IP address/MAC address of suspected devices that are likely to be infected by malware and hijacking.

  • Dramatically reduce time to resolution (TTR) of operational and security issues by automated notifications of Secure Enterprise SDN (SES) that block communication and isolate the suspected devices to be inspected by the network edge device dynamically.

  • Extend the visibility into the network traffic and application layer by deploying Flowmon Probes, a high-performance NetFlow exporters enabling flow-based monitoring in networks where NetFlow export is not available. This set up enables a way to use information from the application protocols for security, and also operational use cases such as VoIP traffic monitoring.

The joint solution is available from October 2016.


About Allied Telesis K.K.

For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been providing planning, sales, support services for network equipment and solutions in Japan. In addition to switches where it is a market leader in Japan, the company supplies routers, wireless LAN products and etc. to customers in many different industries through a nationwide sales network.

About Orizon Systems Co., Ltd.

Orizon Systems is the exclusive distributor in Japan of Flowmon products (Flowmon Networks products). The company sells Flowmon products and provides installation services, maintenance support, and Japanese localization.