With more than 30 years of experience in technology business Barlow Communications is successful in supplying most of South Africa’s leading Government, Semi-Government, Financial and Commercial organisations. “Our mission is to source and supply only the best products available in the world market. When it comes to network visibility and security, Flowmon is definitely such a product. With Flowmon customers can stay focused on their business and rely on their IT,” says Frank Barlow, Managing Director at Barlow Communications.

Flowmon represents the next generation solution for network traffic monitoring with an industry’s unique scalability and performance/price value. “With growing complexity of IT environments and new cyber threats on a horizon, troubleshooting and well secured network are of crucial importance to any organization. Flowmon addresses these challenges with a comprehensive, scalable set of tools for network and security professionals,” points out Mervyn van Wyk, Chief Technical Officer at Barlow Communications.

Most companies rely on IT systems consisting of perimeter security and endpoint protection. However, they dismiss the significant infrastructure located between these two areas. Flowmon is a flow-based (NetFlow/IPFIX) network traffic monitoring solution that ensures visibility and security of this environment for all networks up to 100 Gbps. It is widely used by banking and financial organizations, internet service providers, government institutions as well as small and midsize businesses.

“Flowmon expansion into South Africa follows our success in Europe and Asia-Pacific region. I’m excited that experts from Barlow Communications will help us to drive our business there. The South African market is very promising. FlowMon can offer local customers technical advantage and deep understanding of their networks,” says Michal Holub, International Sales Director of Flowmon solution.

The Flowmon platform includes high-performance flow statistics generating probes, collectors to display and analyse network traffic and plugins for analysis delivering anomaly and undesirable behaviour detection, application performance monitoring and DDoS protection. Its Gartner recognized Network Behavior Analysis technology enables detection of security threats, including those which are undetectable by commonly available security tools (e.g. advanced persistent threats).