One of the most visible improvements introduced in Flowmon 10.2 is the more efficient way to set alerts. When defining them, you can now use NPM metrics, such as RTT, SRT and many more. This is especially handy, for instance, in the automatic identification of the performance degradation of critical services. Given the need to solve incidents and critical situations, so to speak, in real time, the solution now offers a way to assess alerts every 30 seconds, which can lead to a 10-fold reduction in response times.


  • Possibility to define alerts based on Network Performance Metrics (NPM)

  • Alerting on 30s profiles

  • Processing of NPM information from Cisco AVC supported devices

  • Processing of Amazon VPC Flow Logs

  • Additional support of protocols for SCADA / IoT environment

  • Advanced SNMP monitoring capabilities

  • Improved LDAP integration

  • Support for FMD configuration in DA environment

  • Backup and recovery of Master unit in DA deployment

  • Overall performance and response optimisation

  • SSL support for Gigamon devices

Flowmon 10.2 can natively process Cisco AVC metrics and map them as proprietary Flowmon NPM, allowing them to be further processed transparently, whether in reporting, dashboard, alerts, etc. A new feature is the support of the protocol for Amazon VPC Flow Logs, allowing native monitoring in the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment. Support for other protocols in industrial networks and IoT / ICS systems, this time focusing on the energy sector, has been extended (IEC 61859 (GOOSE/MMS) and DLMS protocols are newly supported). With Gigamon devices, Flowmon 10.2 can also monitor and analyse selected SSL communication information.

Other improvements increase the performance and responsiveness of the user environment and system administration. See the blog article for more.