Flowmon Networks, a global network intelligence company, has announced the general availability of Flowmon Packet Investigator, an automated network traffic auditing tool. The new product enables customers to save hours or even days of manual work by moving from manual packet investigation to previously unseen levels of automation.

The complexity of today’s network infrastructures challenges network administrators who seek answers under the pressure of limited time, resources and costs. Sometimes it is necessary to dig deeper into the network communication and conduct manual packet analysis to successfully resolve an emergent issue. Where tools like Wireshark may capture network traffic but require expert knowledge to interpret the events, Flowmon Packet Investigator takes things a step further and analyzes the packets automatically. In addition, it provides suggestions on remedial actions.

“We are committed to making IT professionals’ life easier. Flowmon Packet Investigator is another step on our mission. Administrators can now skip manual incident investigation entirely and let Flowmon Packet Investigator do all the heavy lifting,” says Jiri Tobola, CEO at Flowmon Networks. ”Just capture the traffic with Flowmon or upload PCAPs from third-party sources, run automated analysis and get an instant understanding of the issue and suggestions for a remedy. It is that simple.”


Fig 1: Automated PCAP Analysis Results, Flowmon Packet Investigator


Flowmon Packet Investigator offers on-demand traffic recording features at 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G speeds available in the cloud, virtual and physical networks, managed remotely from a single management console. But what sets it apart is built-in expert knowledge. Its PCAP analysis engine understands network protocols, their dependencies, RFC specifications, and errors. Thus, it not only provides extensive details but automates the analysis, assessing the captured events, looking for error codes, and providing explanations and suggestions for a remedy.

With Flowmon Packet Investigator, administrators can dramatically cut mean time to resolution in cases such as:

  • Network connectivity-related issues (communication blocked by the firewall, destination unreachable, TCP errors, etc.)

  • Malfunction or misconfiguration of critical network services (ARP, DNS, DHCP)

  • Client/server encryption incompatibility (SSL/TLS version, encryption algorithms, certificates, etc.)

  • Application protocol stack issues (HTTP, SAMBA, FTP, IMAP, POP, etc.)

Flowmon Packet Investigator Availability

Flowmon Packet Investigator is now available to all Flowmon customers.

If you would like to test FPI capabilities and features, please ask for a free 90-day trial: https://www.flowmon.com/en/products/software-modules/packet-investigator

To learn more about its features, please visit: