When designing the portal, we focused on security, ease-of-use, clarity and superior functionality. The portal supports responsive web design, making it easy to use on smart phone screens. Compared to the previous version of the portal, the new interface offers a significantly better user experience and much more effective workflow.

"We've designed the new portal from the ground up on a new and secure platform. We've taken into account the most frequent comments from our partners and also integrated the new functionality with an eye on the latest trends in this area. The result of several months' work is a modern portal that sensitively combines the proven features of the original portal with a modern approach and functionality that together provide a unique user experience." says project manager Miroslav Derych.

New Portal Highlights:

  • Brand New dashboard with individual and company performance, pipeline, customer growth, etc.

  • Intuitive search throughout all available sections.

  • Overview of all delivery notes including actual delivery dates.

  • Ability to search products & licenses linked directly to your customers to ease the support administration.

  • Updated knowledge base.

  • Expiration of personal and company certificates.

  • Central access (no additional login required) to other tools such as e-learning, issues, tickets and more.

  • Mobile device ready design.

New login information to the portal will be emailed to partners and customers over the next two days, and additional information (webinar, manual) to help you get up to speed with all the news faster. The existing portal goes into so-called read-only mode and no new records can be saved to it from today. In this state, the original portal will be available for about three months.