The first thing you will notice when entering the new E-learning portal is simplified graphical user interface. “Our aim was to make things intuitive to streamline work of our partners and customers with the portal,” says Artur Kane, Flowmon Technology Evangelist, who is the driving force behind Flowmon Training improvements. “To introduce the new environment, an auto-wizard is launched after the first login so that everyone can get familiar with the changes.”

Hand in hand with the new GUI goes language localization of the system and certification tests for partners in several languages. All tests necessary to receive Flowmon certification are now available in English, Czech, Spanish, German, Japanese and French. What more, tests have been transformed to ABCD type (except Technical Engineer Certificate), auto-generated for each user. Everyone instantly knows the result of the test and can download their certificate.

Also, customer training is now available through the E-learning portal for customers with Gold Support or Platinum Support. Customers can now easily learn technology principles, an overview of features and use cases in the theoretical part of the course. The practical part will show how to deploy Flowmon, configure it, fine-tune it and use it in daily routine. This is available across all Flowmon products.

“Right now Flowmon E-learning portal delivers more than 30 hours of content to more than 600 active users. Other advancements and deeper localisation will come during 2018. The aim is to build a versatile platform that will help us to scale, to reach out to any country, any partner and customer,” adds Kane.