Kofola runs seven production plants in four markets across Europe. The IT support of their operations is very demanding due to the scale and rapid growth of the company. An internal ICT department must solve scores of tasks a day and manage a large infrastructure consisting of more than one hundred independent computer networks and two data centres.

“Quick troubleshooting and effective network management in a dynamically growing environment are key to maintain a high level of customer and employee satisfaction,” says Milan Zmarzlák, Head of ICT at Kofola. “The distributed Flowmon solution fulfils our needs and helps us to handle the everyday management of our ICT environment. In addition, Flowmon provides us with effective troubleshooting. It is also important that this solution gave us a proactive tool for the debugging, redesign and planning of our ICT environment.”

Flowmon is a leading solution for network monitoring and security, based on IP flows and Network Behavior Analysis technology. “Flowmon has provided Kofola with a broad set of tools for network traffic monitoring and analysis. Therefore it saves time and costs needed for the detection and solving of security and configurational issues,” comments Zbyszek Lugsch, the Solution and Business Development Director of Dimension Data.

Deploying Flowmon for Kofola’s IT infrastructure represents a state-of the-art combination of network traffic monitoring and network behaviour analysis technology. The entire process consists of network probes, which generate statistics on network communication, a central Flowmon collector for storage, display and analysis of flows; and the Flowmon ADS. The Flowmon ADS is a modern system based on advanced artificial intelligence for detection of data network anomalies, undesirable behaviour and threats which are undetectable by systems such as IDS, IPS or antivirus.

On one hand, companies all over the world are becoming much more reliant on their IT systems than ever before. Even a minor breach of data or network infrastructure can cause them financial loss, reputation damage or the dissatisfaction and churn of customers. On the other hand, they are facing a growing complexity of IT infrastructure, since they are adopting technology such as software defined networking and virtualization, and a growing number of applications and services. “Troubleshooting is becoming much more challenging in this heterogeneous environment. A combination of flow monitoring technology with behavioural analysis provided by Flowmon helps organisations face these challenges,” says Petr Špringl, Sales Director of Flowmon solution.