"Effective cyber security begins with monitoring and prevention. As a European supplier, Flowmon Networks has an excellent reputation and solutions that enhance our portfolio," says Daniel van Slochteren, Managing Director of Kahuna. "Flowmon detects attacks on the IT infrastructure, servers, critical systems and applications in real-time. Flowmon Networks is also the supplier of DDoS Defender, an effective solution for detecting and defending against large-scale DoS and DDoS attacks on clients' company networks that does not require changes to be made in the configurations of the network topology. We would like to apply that technology in our SOCs."


Kahuna is an internationally operating managed security supplier with 20 years of experience and offer companies advice, supply and support with 'end-to-end' cyber security solutions. "With our combined, complementary solutions, we can give network administrators and security supervisors a better insight into the performance and security of their overall IT infrastructure. This will enable them to defend against the increasing number of cyberattacks more quickly and more effectively," says Frank Dupker, VP of Sales EMEA at Flowmon Networks. 


As one of the most experienced Netherlands Managed Security Advisors, Kahuna helps organisations throughout Europe in the fight against cybercrime. At a strategic, tactical and operational level. Bottom-up or top-down, depending on the situation. An important cornerstone in the provision of services are the Kahuna Managed Security Services. From the two European ISO27001 certified SOCs, the Kahuna specialists monitor systems, networks and data day and night in order to be ready to respond when necessary. A key innovation is the Kahuna Security Officer-as-a-service. This security officer gives structure to the security policy and functions as a sounding board when it comes to making the right decisions in the area of Risk Management. He or she can also translate the information security policy into implemented technical controls. The firm has branches in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Antwerp, Belgium and Valencia, Spain.