Invea-Tech was founded in 2007 as a technology start-up of Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology. “We have developed a stable, fast-growing company from a small team in a few years. Simultaneously, it became more and more apparent that separate strategies, targeted investment and a ‘free hand’ in implementing business objectives was needed for the effective development of both parts of the business. The division of our company will enable further growth of both product lines,” explains Rostislav Vocilka, Chief Executive Officer at Invea-Tech.

Both company teams and most contact details will remain the same. “For our partners and customers, nothing is going to change,” assures Michal Holub, International Sales Director at Invea-Tech. “The up-to-now contracts pass automatically. Also, nothing has been changed in our affiliate program and partners can rely on our up-to-now valid conditions,” points out Holub. Flowmon Networks, as well as Netcope Technologies, are now building their own visual styles, which will simplify the management of the brands in the market and improve their marketing strength.

Flowmon Networks will develop and support the Flowmon solution, a next-generation network monitoring and security tool helping companies to protect themselves against advanced cyber threats. This solution is used globally by companies who desire to know what is happening in their computer networks, including T-Mobile, SEGA, Siemens, Orange, Raiffeisenbank and organisations such as Ministries of Defence, universities or midsize businesses.

Netcope Technologies, a former FPGA department of Invea-Tech, is going to continue to develop solutions for the acceleration of networks and applications. “Our team is one of the leading players in this market. We have also introduced the world’s first FPGA adapter supporting 100G Ethernet technology, which has been successfully implemented by internet service providers, telco companies and data centres,” says Petr Kastovsky, Chief Technology Officer at Netcope Technologies. Netcope’s solutions are also utilised by companies trading on the largest stock exchanges, where they help to gain a competitive advantage thanks to the faster processing of business strategies.

Invea- Tech started as a high-tech start-up at the South Moravian Innovation Centre in Brno, Czech Republic. Thanks to the unique technologies of its products, it has succeeded in the competitive market and has also been involved in many European technological projects. Thanks to close cooperation with universities, global technology leaders like Cisco, Check Point, Xilinx and VMware, and its own research, Invea-Tech keeps introducing new solutions which contribute to secure and stable IT environment which is a key prerequisite for today’s society.