The joint network security solution, consisting of the Hillstone Networks Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) and Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS), can effectively intercept cyber threats from the Internet and internal networks, defend against modern network attacks, and comprehensively monitor and protect the overall network security posture.

“We are very energized with this partnership,” said Lingling Zhang, SVP of product and marketing at Hillstone Networks. “The joint solution further bridges the gap between detection and protection with additional context and security from two network security innovators.”

The Hillstone Networks iNGFW and Flowmon ADS work in conjunction to support the deployment of linked security policies across internal and external networks. The Hillstone iNGFW is used primarily for threat prevention for external networks, while the Flowmon ADS mainly detects internal network threats and passes details of the internal threat to the iNGFW, in order to complete the risk interception of threats and deliver a closed loop to the security administrator.

“Cooperation with Hillstone is a perfect fit. Flowmon ADS eliminates risks that bypass traditional solutions. Its engine utilizes sophisticated network behavior analysis, an advanced artificial intelligence based on machine learning. It permanently observes and analyses data communication seeking anomalies, revealing suspicious behavior and thus taking the entire security to the next level,” said Petr Springl, Director of Products and Alliances at Flowmon Networks.

The Hillstone Networks iNGFW and Flowmon ADS joint solution can effectively intercept threats from the Internet and internal networks, defend against modern network attacks, comprehensively cover the overall network security posture, and make the internal network and external network stable, reliable, secure and credible.

The solution brief is currently available here.

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