The research report titled "DDoS: A Comparison of Defense Approaches" was released in late April by a pair of analysts, Thomas Lintemuth and Patrick Hevesi, as part of the Gartner Technical Professional Advice series.

"DDoS attacks continue to rise in complexity, volume and frequency, threatening the network security of even the smallest enterprises. Security and risk management technical professionals must design a defense utilizing a broad range of options and integrate DDoS mitigation with incident response," summarize the report analysts Lintemuth and Hevesi.

The April 24, 2019 report not only compares and analyses various DDoS attack scenarios and defence approaches, but also recommends appropriate solutions. It mentions Flowmon in the report as an DDoS monitoring solution with customisable protection for DDoS attack detection. They also feature it in a section that addresses the best vendor which can extend their existing security solution. The report strongly recommended that companies should integrate new solutions with a suitable DDoS analysis tool, such as Flowmon, to help decide whether an ongoing DDoS attack is just a smokescreen for another attack on critical information.

"We are pleased that apart from the areas of Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, and Security, our solution is also recognised by Gartner in the field of DDoS attacks. The study also mentions our technology partners from the area of mitigating DDoS attacks, with whose solutions Flowmon's detection capabilities are fully integrated. We see this not only as a confirmation of our role in the anti-DDoS vendor ecosystem, but also verifying our approach to the problem of DDoS," said Luboš Lunter, who is in charge of strategic alliances at Flowmon Networks.