„Network infrastructure serves as a nervous systems for nowadays companies and the whole company virtually depends on its reliability and security. Maintenance of this environment is more and more complex task due to higher complexity, diversity and connectedness of systems and volume of transferred data. We believe that detailed understanding of what is happening in the networks is the way how to simplify these tasks to administrators,“ states Rostislav Vocilka, CEO at Flowmon Networks.

Flowmon 8.0 comes with a significant change of flow data storage architecture that enables processing of flow data also in extremely large environments with thousands of devices that send data flows to analysis. “With ability to process and analyze up to 250 thousand network flows per second, enlarged visibility into application layer, user defined reports and other improvements, Flowmon 8.0 confirms its position of a top solution that fits also to the most demanding clients from enterprise and ISP fields,” adds Vocilka.

Also, Flowmon ADS module for detecting anomalies and analyzing network behavior is innovated in version 8.0. “The present paradigm of IT security is build on the triumvirate: prevention, detection, reaction. Flowmon delivers detailed visibility of network communication and thus an important information platform for optimization of these three pillars of modern security,“ says Pavel Minařík, CTO at Flowmon Networks. “Thanks to the support of new protocols and other functions, Flowmon 8.0 provides administrators both more detailed and clearer information for more efficient reaction to incidents and following post-damaging analysis,“ adds Minařík.

Flowmon 8.0 also extends visibility into the communication in the application layer which significantly improves the analytical power of the solution. According to traditional scheme, 80% of network operational issues can be solved by monitoring of data flows. The rest requires personnel and financially demanding packet analysis. Flowmon 8.0 changes this status quo. Thanks to its properties combining flow data monitoring and L7 analysis, customers can solve up to 95% of operational problems by one tool.

According to consulting company Deloitte, Flowmon Networks is one of the most dynamically growing technology companies in the Central Europe. Last year, Flowmon introduced the world’s first network probe for monitoring of the fastest 100G networks. This year, leading world analytical agency Gartner has placed Flowmon into its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD).