Artur is a skilled professional focused on network monitoring and security technologies. With years of experience in the field, he presents our approach on many occasions including key industry events and partner training.

“I travel a lot meeting interesting people who are passionate about sharing their experience. So I decided to present their valuable knowledge via short video interviews in order to deliver both Flowmon users and partners a fresh new look on our solution,” says Artur Kane. “Flowmon Studio is a modern format of videos where our partners and customers talk about latest trends in security and networking, problems that challenge businesses around the globe and technologies helping them to keep up with today’s requirements.”

In every episode, Artur will interview an expert representing our technology or business partner or user who is keen to explain how the Flowmon solution changed the network management and security in a particular organisation. What features Flowmon customers like and why? How is Flowmon integrated into specific environments and verticals? What are the business benefits of selling and integrating Flowmon? These are some basic questions that Flowmon studio quests answer.

If you want to contribute, feel free to send your questions to Artur will gather queries and shoot a special Q&A episode. You are also welcomed to share your thoughts in YT comments section. And least but not last, check out the first episodes on Flowmon YouTube channel!