Changes in the managerial structure are part of the global growth of our company which intends to double its turnover within the next three years. Focusing on employees is one of the key factors of the planned growth. Within this framework, the company is strengthening not only the management but also invests heavily in all its employees, development, sales and marketing.

“As part of our growth strategy, Flowmon 2.0, we have set out several key milestones that will help us transform our long-term vision into reality. The reinforcement of important managerial positions with experienced professionals is one of them. Mirek, Marek and Linda have years of experience and successful projects behind them. I am glad they have decided to put their experince to good use in our company,” said Jiří Tobola, CEO of Flowmon Networks.

Flowmon is currently entering the challenging US market and is also focusing on UK and German-speaking countries. The company is also developing activities in the Asia-Pacific region, where we want to build on our success in Japan. The Flowmon solution is being used there by around a hundred customers, such as data service providers, manufacturing companies, or municipal authorities. Last year, Flowmon Networks achieved 25% growth in turnover and is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe.


Mirek Kren, CRO

Mirek Kren, who is in the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Flowmon Networks, has come from Kerio Technologies in Silicon Valley, USA, where he held the position of CEO for several years. He was responsible for the global management and overall strategy of the company.

“I would like to make use of the incredible talent of those who have grown in Flowmon over the past ten years; and, also to automate the sale itself together with an appropriate sales strategy for each region. The goal is to shift revenues to the next level. We have all the right ingredients - a fantastic team, first-class products and with only a few small improvements, almost limitless opportunities,” explained Mirek Kren, CRO at Flowmon Networks.

Linda Szemlová, HR Director

Linda Szemlová  has become the HR Director. At Flowmon, she wants to benefit from years of experience in the IT industry, where she has worked in both senior business and HR positions.  She helped with the development of HR processes, for example, at the software company AVG.

"I would like to help the people in the company to create the best possible environment where they will feel good and work joyfully. The most important task for me will be to keep the great atmosphere in the company going. I can reliably declare that I have not seen such an internally healthy company in my career so far. What I enjoy are the relationships in the company, the environment and the mood among people and it is obvious that this is also a great initiator of things. I would like to try to capture and transfer the corporate culture among the people to the world around us. We like to play and have fun. The impression of lightness and freshness is exactly the thing that Flowmon should send to the labour market," commented Linda Szemlová, HR Director at Flowmon Networks.

Marek Neubauer, CFO

Marek Neubauer, who is in the position of Chief Financial Officer at Flowmon Networks, has come from PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he spent almost nine years in the Department of Audit and Financial consulting.

“Flowmon was a clear choice for me. Where else can I make good use of the experience I have gained, without falling in routine, than in a company which has grown within ten years from five founding employees into a company whose products are sold in 40 countries? Processes, systems, taxation, financing, reporting - all these things get a completely different dimension with the company globalization,” said Marek Neubauer, CFO at Flowmon Networks.