Both names are associated not only with the city of Brno and a longing to be the best in their field, but surprisingly, also the land of the rising sun – Japan. The Japanese market is very demanding for every technology company and poses the same difficult challenges as to be found in the local professional races known as Keirin for the world’s best track cyclists. Both Flowmon and Tomas Bábek have been very successful in their Japanese campaign. The pilot phase of the cooperation has now begun and continues until the end of the year.



“When preparing for a championship or a world cup, you dream about not only coming first in a particular race but also that your success on the world’s stage could ensure an invitation to the Keirin races in Japan. However, when you want to start racing in Japan, you will find instead that you will have a problem preparing for the world championships, which open the door to Japan for the next season. It’s a vicious circle. But thanks to partners such as Flowmon, you can focus on what really matters, which is Olympic qualification for me at this moment . So, I appreciate every support that brings me closer to the dream of the Olympics in Tokyo,” said Tomáš Bábek.

Flowmon Networks has been operating on the Japanese market since 2011 with the cooperation of its key partner, ORIZON Systems. The most important Japanese customers include, for example, Sega, yet the advanced Flowmon solution can also be found at hundreds of other customers, from operators, production companies to metropolitan networks. Currently, Flowmon is expanding to other Asian markets, such as South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines.

“In track cycling, as well as in our field, the connection of the human factor and the best technology available is of paramount importance for the result. At the same time, we know that to get to the top requires not only a huge effort but also a little help from others. We would like to help Tomáš on his way to achieve his dream to compete in Tokyo for an Olympic medal,” said the Marketing Manager at Flowmon Networks, Andrea Vaverková.

Tomáš Bábek, a member of the Dukla racing team in Brno, achieved in 2016, as one of the six best in the world, the opportunity to participate in the traditional Japanese Keirin racing. Tomáš already has two seasons in Japan under his belt. He is the overall winner of the World Cup in Keirin for 2016/17 and the 29th Champion of the Czech Republic in track cycling. He won a gold medal in the Keirin discipline in the 2016 European Championship and bronze at the 2017 World Cup in Hong Kong where he also became Vice Champion of the World in the kilometre from a standing start. Tomáš got into track cycling when he was 14 years old. In 2012 after a serious accident he was very close to prematurely ending his sports career.