Introduced as the most powerful NetFlow/IPFIX exporter last year, the Flowmon 100G Probe is now being implemented by backbone network operators from across the globe.

„When upgrading to 100G technology we were looking for a new flow-based monitoring technology to enable backbone-level network visibility. The number of vendors providing such a technology is very limited. Flowmon Networks is an experienced vendor of network monitoring solutions and its Probe provides us with superb performance and reliability,” says Daniel Bertolo, Team Leader Global LAN at SWITCH.

As a long-standing pioneer in the development of new technologies, SWITCH works on further enhancing of Internet technology and increasing the security of the Internet in Switzerland. To fulfil this mission, SWITCH has implemented wire-speed Flowmon Probe to perform effective management and troubleshooting of its 100G network infrastructure.

“When designing our products, we always look several years ahead to meet the future demand. This is why we are ready to fulfil the most demanding needs of internet service providers and backbone operators who turn to the 100G network technology,” says Petr Springl, Product Director at Flowmon Networks. “Introduction of the world’s first 100G network probe and its successful implementation in multiple backbone networks have solidified Flowmon’s position of a leader on the network traffic monitoring market.”

Flowmon Probes are high-performance devices that monitor network traffic delivering detailed statistics on network communication. This information is crucial for network and security engineers which must take decisive actions to ensure reliability and fast service delivery. Especially in large-scale environments where the amounts of data are growing exponentially as well as the customer requirements on security and quality of a service.

The project was designed and implemented by the EMITEC company, the Swiss specialist in network testing, monitoring and measurement and partner of Flowmon Networks.


About Flowmon Networks

Flowmon Networks empowers businesses to manage and secure their network infrastructure confidently. Through our high performance monitoring technology and lean-forward behavior analytics, IT pros worldwide benefit from absolute network traffic visibility to enhance network & application performance and deal with modern cyber threats. Recognized by Gartner, we are leading the way of NetFlow/IPFIX network monitoring that is high performing, scalable and easy to use. Enterprises, internet service providers, government entities or even small and midsize companies rely on our solutions to take control over their networks, keep order and overcome uncertainty.

About Switch

SWITCH is an integral part of the Swiss academic community. It stands for greater capability, convenience and security in the digital world. As an independent partner, SWITCH connects and aggregates the know-how of all stakeholders in and beyond the academic world. SWITCH works with them to develop and enhance comprehensive ICT solutions that add value for everyone involved. Based on the core competencies in networks, security and identity management, SWITCH offers collaboratively developed ICT solutions that empower users to achieve leading edge results in a globally competitive environment.


EMITEC is a leading system integrator in Switzerland, who is providing its services for more than 20 years. With experience in measurement, optimization and analysis EMITEC is a great technological partner for deployment tools for network management.