Facing the growing complexity of IT infrastructure and today’s security threats, organisations struggle to ensure smooth operations, stability of business critical services and protection of their data. When responding to these challenges, they turn to flow-based network traffic monitoring to get a deep understanding of what is happening in their environments.

“Flowmon and Gigamon teamed up to simplify network management and security,” comments Petr Springl, Director of Product & Strategic Alliances at Flowmon Networks. “The integrated solution brings to network administrators and security engineers an insight into the nervous system of their IT and analysis so that troubleshooting network performance issues and ensuring security of their IT environment is easier than ever before.”

The joint solution brings together GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform and the Flowmon solution including powerful Flowmon NetFlow/IPFIX Collector and its analytical modules. Gigamon’s GigaSECURE platform serves as a single fabric enhancing visibility across both physical and virtual networks and providing access to traffic to Flowmon in form of raw packets or NetFlow/IPFIX data.

"Flowmon has developed an holistic approach to network performance and security,” says Phil Griston, Director of Alliances and Business Development at Gigamon. “Coupling Gigamon’s efficient and pervasive data collection and delivery with Flowmon’s powerful analytics platform is a natural solution that should address the needs of many customers.”

Thanks to the integration, Gigamon customers can leverage their investments and easily utilize Flowmon’s advanced intelligence for various operational and security tasks, such as the detection of network traffic anomalies, cyber-threats, DDoS attacks, for optimization of network and business application performance.

Joint solution benefits:

  • Manage and secure networks through high-performance monitoring and advanced behavior analytics

  • Enhance visibility and gain easy access to traffic from physical and virtual and public cloud networks via the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform

  • Generate NetFlow/IPFIX from any traffic flow within the GigaSECURE platform and share records with Flowmon and any other tool benefiting from the metadata

  • Optimize the performance of Flowmon technology at minimal cost with automatic traffic load balancing

  • Accelerate processing throughput by aggregating, filtering, and distributing relevant traffic to Flowmon modules.