Protection of high-speed networks and successful mitigation of DDoS attacks is one of the key challenges for service providers and backbone operators. The DDoS landscape is constantly changing and attackers are deploying new techniques to increase the magnitude of attacks and make them more difficult to mitigate.

“There are service providers that struggle to maintain their service SLA while under volumetric attacks resulting in increased networking costs. I am very keen that we have teamed up with Radware to build a comprehensive DDoS protection platform to improve service providers’ network visibility and resistance to network attacks,” says Rostislav Vocilka, CEO at Flowmon Networks.

Flowmon DDoS Defender is a noninvasive, easy-to-deploy DDoS attack detection system for high-speed networks based on NetFlow monitoring and network traffic analysis. Flowmon DDoS Defender can be deployed in heterogeneous environments collecting common flow statistics from active network components in various formats. Thanks to the robust and versatile architecture, it is possible to deploy it as a standalone solution or with attack mitigation services provided by Scrubbing centers or Radware DefensePro.

DDoS Defender together with Radware DefensePro appliance and Vision management appliance represent a complete DDoS protection ecosystem for service providers. “Native integration of DDoS Defender with Vision enables to manage multiple DefensePro appliances via standard management interface and dynamically configure network protection profiles while providing to DefensePro details about the attack and baselines of standard network traffic,” comments Pavel Minarik, Chief Technology Officer, Flowmon Networks.