“An emphasis on innovation helps us to possess a high level of quality and differentiation of our product. Thanks to this, more and more customers are turning to Flowmon solution when managing and securing their IT environments. I’m glad we have built a strong company with a cutting edge flow-based network monitoring solution and with constant double-digit growth,” states Rostislav Vocilka, CEO at Flowmon Networks. In 2015, the company was recognized for the third consecutive year in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE, which ranks the fifty fastest-growing technology companies in CE.

To sustain rapid growth, the company is continuing to expand into foreign markets. “Our aim for this year is to carry on building new, strong partnerships with resellers and system integrators, who offer our advanced network monitoring, diagnostics and analytics solution and deliver quality services to our customers,” specifies Vocilka. Last year the company set its presence in Australia and strengthened its position in Europe.

According to the company statement, its revenue growth in 2015 was primarily driven by the demand from the enterprise segment for an advanced security solution against cyber threats, Flowmon ADS. The company also recognized greater interest in Flowmon APM, a solution for application performance monitoring, and Flowmon DDoS Defender for the detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks.

Flowmon is the next generation network traffic monitoring and analysis tool with industry leading performance while maintaining affordability. Flowmon is used globally by companies who want to have a deep understanding of their networks and secure their important data and systems against modern cyber threats that bypass traditional protection mechanisms. The solution is used by e.g. SEGA, KBC and Siemens.

“We are still enhancing Flowmon solution by new features beneficial for our customers. A big challenge today is the exponential growth of devices connected to business networks, the so called Internet of Things. Everything is heading towards the need of controlling the behavior of every device and analysis of really huge amounts of data. Flowmon is ready to take this challenge,” adds Pavel Minarik, CTO of Flowmon Networks.