Flowmon Networks, a provider of high performance network monitoring and security solutions, has announced the takeover of the company FerretApps. This acquisition strengthens the division of Flowmon Networks focused on application performance monitoring. At the same time, it wants to maximize the synergies this area offers in conjunction with the traditional bastion of Flowmon, the network performance monitoring and diagnostics.

The performance of network infrastructure must go hand in hand with optimally functioning applications. This is the only way to ensure the productivity of employees and customer satisfaction. Due to the acquisition, Flowmon will offer one integrated tool for both areas. "The acquisition of FerretApps is a strategic step that will allow further expansion of the features of Flowmon in the synergistic area of APM. We will offer customers a product with a high added value, due to which they will gain an unparalleled visibility into the performance of network infrastructure and applications," said Rostislav Vocilka, CEO of Flowmon Networks.

FerretApps was founded in 2012 when it developed a unique technology for monitoring the performance of applications (APM). Its uniqueness lies in a free-agent access which allows a way to monitor the performance of your applications by analysing network traffic without having to install anything on the servers or at the customer’s. The solution for monitoring http/https traffic and databases is used by banks, e-shops, industrial companies and universities.

The demand for APM tools that help keep applications to be in an optimal condition is growing rapidly. Analysts estimate it to be worth 2.4 billion USD. Organizations and companies simply do not want to risk customer dissatisfaction and low productivity of employees caused by the influence of a badly functioning application. Slow response times, poor configuration or unavailability of systems can often compromise the entire business, damage its reputation and even increase operating costs.

"Flowmon is a leading solution used by network engineers and security experts worldwide. I am glad that experts of FerretApps will help us with further development. And due to this development Flowmon will also significantly streamline the work of administrators of business applications," added Vocilka.

Flowmon Networks has been in the APM market through the module Flowmon APM, which it had been developing so far in cooperation with FerretApps. Flowmon APM is a modern tool which helps customers to monitor transparently the performance of crucial applications. The solution is used by businesses and organizations across various industries.

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