Flowmon Networks is a longstanding innovator in the field of high-performing network monitoring and security solutions. It’s the first vendor who introduced a network monitoring and diagnostics solution for high-speed, 100G networks, and one of only a few developing advanced network behavior analysis tools. This perfectly complements portfolio of NEOX NETWORKS, an experienced distributor specialising in network analysis and performance monitoring solutions.

“Flowmon is a rapidly growing vendor. Since we are a 100% channel company, our expansion strategy can be accomplished only through strong partnerships with experienced partners. NEOX is exactly that kind of partner and I am happy for having them aboard,” says Frank Dupker, VP of EMEA Sales at Flowmon Networks. “Together with NEOX we will be able to deliver customers a deep understanding of network behavior allowing them to have their business always up and running smoothly."

The Flowmon solution simplifies everyday tasks of network, application and security administrators. Company is specialized in network monitoring, behavior analysis, anomaly detection and DDoS protection solutions. Its Anomaly Detection System, based on advanced behavior analytics and machine learning, allows a way to identify advanced cyber-threats bypassing conventional security solutions such as antiviruses, firewalls or IDS/IPS systems.

Together with NEOX NETWORKS, Flowmon will extend its presence and reach to customers and partners in Germany.

“We are seeing a growing demand for network monitoring and security solutions and we are excited about the new partnership with Flowmon to help customers to get rid of blind spots and make the network more visible and secure,“ said Timur Özcan, Managing Director of NEOX NETWORKS GmbH. “The Flowmon products, including DDoS Defender and Network Anomaly Detection is complementary to our existing portfolio and we are looking forward to working with them to bring our new combined security and monitoring solutions to enterprises through the channel network to address customers’ need.”

Thanks to its scalability, ease of use and quick time-to-value, Flowmon is trusted by large enterprises and small and midsize businesses too. It address the needs of internet service providers and telco companies (T-mobile, Orange), financial institutions (Raiffeisenbank, Allianz), manufacturing companies (Siemens, VW), government or specialized security teams (CSIRTs).